Blogging Tips


Success came after several long nights of painstaking efforts, an idea was conceived and a new blog was born. Since its birth, I started addressing my blog as my baby and I am sure a lot of bloggers can relate to it.


“If you love writing or making music or blogging or any sort of performing art, then do it. Do it with everything you’ve got. Just don’t plan on using it as a shortcut to making a living.” – Seth Godin


A new blog is no less than a newborn baby that needs constant nurturing and attention in order to grow and stand out in the blogosphere while a new blogger is no less than a new mother to it. Just like a mother trains her child selflessly out of love and affection, a newly-became blogger also has to be passionate and enthusiastic in refining or maintaining his blog. Besides having a healthy ambition and consistency that comes first when it comes to blogging, the following are a few tips that might be helpful for the new bloggers:


1. Setting up a Blog around a Specific Niche


Every great blogging website revolves around a certain niche that makes it distinctive in the blogosphere. Once you have pinpointed a niche for your blog, you will have to add a unique flavor to your blog posts in order to make your blog stand out from the rest. With a plenty of topics available, it won’t be tough selecting one for yourself; however, you should only write what you know!


Now that you have chosen a specific niche, the next step is about creating a blog, which may include choosing the right blogging platform, defining a suitable domain name for your blog, selecting a web hosting provider, etc. And in case you are wondering about the key pages your blog should be having, Inspire Blogger is there to help!


2. Content Reigns Supreme!


Of all the factors that make a blog successful, it’s the unique and crisp content that reigns supreme and defines a blog’s success. Whether you are running a personal blog or a corporate blogging site, it is advisable that the blog should be updated on a regular basis with content that is not only relevant but remarkable. Your blog should not only reflect your own opinions and experiences but it should offer something valuable and interesting to the readers as well.


“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” As Lee Odden says,


3. We Want To See What You Did There!


The push for visual content in a blog is only getting stronger with time. Nowadays, the readers are not only interested in reading what you write but they also take delight in wading through the high quality images and illustrations supplementing your blog. Including visuals in the blog content helps increase the blog’s traffic and engagement and in this way, it not only works for you but it actually helps people see what you did there!


4. Schedule It Up!


“If you want to continually grow your blog, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis” As Neil Patel says,


and this is what requires an adept scheduling. Setting up an editorial calendar constitutes an important part of the blog marketing strategy and helps in providing a steady flow of new and relevant blog content without getting worried about having a writer’s block. While creating an editorial schedule, be sure to allot time not only for writing or creating content but also for research, moderating comments and engaging on social media platforms.


5. Network to Spread Work!


“What you do after you create your content is what truly counts,” According to Gary Vaynerchuk,


and Gary’s right!


Now that you are done with creating a compelling content for your readers, you need to hop on to the social media bandwagon and start sharing your work on various social media platforms. Moreover, make sure that you make sharing easy for the readers by including the social media plugins under the blog posts.


It  should be kept in mind that blogging is not only about writing for yourself but it’s about building a community where people need to know that you are writing for them, and therefore, the usage of social media and social networking becomes a necessity for the new bloggers. While Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon have remained a few of the favorites, Pinterest has emerged as a new, effective tool for sharing content.


While there may be a lot of other tips and tricks to play, the above-mentioned pointers can help you kick-start your own blog on the road to success.


Do you have a blogging tip to share? Comment and let us know!