Bing Lays The Smack Down Part 2

Here is part 2 to my Bing Lays The Smack Down post series where in part 1 Stefan Weitz discusses some of the issues with search and primarily stemming around innovation and change with the technology. He determines that we are conditioned now to search utilizing a certain series of steps and that most humans are happy with that approach. It is clear that the on going war between Google & Bing is not over and nor is it slowing downing. Microsoft has made great strides since they introduced Bing into the search space but is it enough to knock Google off its perch?

Who is Bing’s Competition?


Is it the battle between good and evil? The clash of the titans? Call it what you will there is still a search war between Bing & Google. As long as people have fingers and they need to find stuff online Bing and Google will go head to head for an indefinite amount of time. In these interesting videos below Stefan Weitz, the director of Microsoft’s search engine Bing kind of lays the smack down on Google. Bing made some serious efforts to put a dent into Google’s impressive 66% market share and Stefan takes a moment of his day to discuss just how people interact with the search and the problem with growing it to the next level. It’s human!

Smack down part 1