Endorphins Marketing

It might sound like a silly question but does your website release endorphins?

If you are not sure what endorphins are here is a definition:

en·dor·phin: Noun: any of a group of peptides occurring in the brain and other tissues of vertebrates, and resembling opiates, that react with the brain’s opiate receptors to raise the pain threshold.

Endorphins have been known to be released during times of physical stress and times of happiness. Where does your website fall into this equation? When someone comes to your website what are the types of endorphins that might be released when they view the pages of your blog or website? Something should be occurring and hopefully it is more on the side of the user actually enjoying your website and releasing happy endorphins. If you are a B2B website offering professional services who ever said that you couldn’t communicate with your audience that was on the comedic side of things causing them to smile or even laugh. If your user does not perform any action on your website they won’t even remember that they came there. The thought of revisiting will not occur and you could get left in the dark by a competitor very quickly.

Ways your audience will remember your website and frequent back to it:


Does your website make your audience smile in any way? Give them reason to crack  some sort of facial expression if you want them to every come back to your website. This doesn’t mean that someone will not come back to re-visit your site but if you give them a reason to crack a smile about something chances are they will remember your website that much more.

Belly Laughter

You know these are those laughs that really make you get down deep while making your eyes water. Are you in an industry that has lots of horror stories? Would it be funny to read about those horror stories? Or maybe a humorous video that someone has already done relating to them? Don’t be scared to make your audience laugh hard. Good humor could cause a domino effect of good reactions.

Don’t Make them Sad

Why would a user on your website become sad releasing the complete wrong type of endorphin?

Here is a list of some areas to be careful about:

  • No way to contact you.
  • Lack of relevant information.
  • No content wow factor.
  • Out dated and useless design.
  • Out dated website functionality.
  • Nothing really that interesting.
  • Nothing making you stand out.


If you keep your audience intrigued when they visit your website your website visitor is going to release the right kind of endorphins. If your web traffic becomes intrigued it will cause them to move around your website and keep bounce rate down. Being intrigued does not come easy so if it does occur you can bet a return visit.

The important thing I am trying to stress is that it is crucial to get some sort of reaction out of your web audience. It would be better if you could know what type of reaction you are getting but that is where your analytics come into play. Take a look at bounce rates of certain pages and what people are clicking on those certain pages and you will slowly understand how your audiences is reacting to your website. Don’t be scared to make changes and tweaks to your website in order to get the most optimal results. Your website cannot grow without any change occurring.