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It is believed that the success of any social media campaign relies heavily on a lavish budget or on tons of resources. Although part of this notion can be true but the main strategy which should be incorporated into any social media campaign must also be in accordance with the primary goals and objectives of that particular campaign. Most companies fail to realize that not a single social media campaign can cater to every brand and every campaign must be different from the other.

For a successful social media campaign, your social networking accounts should be fully activated and must be popular amongst your consumers meaning you should have a strong fan following. There is no use of running an entire media campaign on a social media platform if there are not as many users on that channel as your campaign aims to target.

Goal Setting and Planning

Defining the goal of your social media campaign is the first ingredient of your social media campaign. Do you wish to promote a new or an existing product? Are there any new services which are added to your brand? Or are you simply expanding your business horizons by attracting a large share of target audiences which prefer using social media over other communication mediums.

Then comes the planning process. Plan out your social media campaign which is meant for your target audience and not for worldwide internet users. A spot on social media campaign incorporates the right elements for the most appropriate social media platform corresponding to the right age group. Invest in some time and discover which social networking medium will promote your marketing content and which will help with your video, content or campaign to get viral. The right campaign does not only need to highlight the strengths of your brand but it must hit the right note by using the most accurate instrument.

Let’s see how to cook a scrumptious social media campaign with the help of these useful ingredients.

Create short videos on Vine

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While Youtube and Vimeo have been veterans to showcase the various “how to” videos and are the driving forces behind the success of many viral videos, Vine is a platform which allows users to make, view and share short videos. This popular app was acquired by Twitter in the year 2012 and was described by a BBC review as “mesmerising.” All advertising agencies quickly began to cash on Vine’s potential. Brands have used Vine to spread simple and short messages displaying their brands’ usability. The created videos can easily be shared or embedded on social networking services like Twitter itself and Facebook etc. For example, Lowe’s Home Improvement created a series of videos each of 6 seconds to illustrate useful home improvement tips . Coupled with the hashtag #lowesfixinsix, the videos are original and creative home improvement visuals which instantly click with its target audience. Short videos are getting more popular and next year will probably witness the rise of short videos like never before.

Reach millions with your Infographics and Memes through Reddit and Facebook

Today, every social media campaign incorporates the use of infographics and memes to convey useful and sometimes funny information. Whether it’s an infographic designed to shed light on your brand’s positives or a meme to highlight your rival’s weaknesses, these two ingredients are the most basic, popular and creative elements of any social media campaign. After getting a creative meme or an informative infographic designed for your brand campaign, one question arises. Where to share it? Not any other social media platform can get your meme or infographic popular like Facebook and Reddit. Everybody is familiar with Facebook. By just sharing a meme on its company page, a brand can provide millions of users the chance to view its meme/infographic or any other marketing content. Users can like and share them by using “Via [company name]” to spread these memes across thousands of users by directing them to the brand page directly.

Likewise, Reddit is a promising forum to post your memes/infographics on. “The front page of the Internet’ as it is called, Reddit allows users to post links to different content on the web. The other registered users can then vote it up or down. The site also has a discussion area for its users to comment on the posted links. They can also vote for or against the comments.

Experiment with LinkedIn

Now LinkedIn may only be considered as a serious social networking medium and many struggle to devise any creative ways to design a social media campaign which engages LinkedIn members specifically. Surprisingly, that’s not the case at all. Many brands have launched their social media campaigns incorporating LinkedIn and have achieved popular outcomes. For instance, Van Heusen which is a fashion wear brand has decided to launch a campaign in India which aims at searching the most fashionable professionals in the country. The campaign is aimed at identifying the most fashionable professionals in India with the help of LinkedIn’s API.

Apparently, India is LinkedIn’s second biggest market after the United States. Van Heusen’s panel of judges will select 5 male and 5 female winners which will be awarded with prizes. It is a highly creative way to engage the users of LinkedIn with a brand name. According to Vinay Bhopatkar, brand head of Van Heusen, the brand takes the digital medium very seriously and is continuously trying to discover newer and exhilarating ways to link with its customers. This shows that LinkedIn has a lot of undeveloped potential for popular brands to create an impressive social media campaign.

Making your Social Media Campaign Successful

Cooking a unique social media campaign for each platform is the key to a successful brand campaign. As social media proceeds to be a major component of the countless consumers’ daily lives, social media marketers are discovering more and new ways to promote user interaction and engage members with brand campaigns. As 2014 is about to arrive, businesses need to be pro-active to realize how social media trends are moving ahead to create meaningful campaigns that click with their target audiences. Next year will definitely be the year when marketers invest in social media campaigns more than ever.

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