Video Marketing Tips & Strategies

The past decade has seen an enormous growth in the amount and quality of visual marketing aids. With the advent of Internet consumerism, business marketing has had to become more net-centric. One among the many web-focused business media tools of the day is Video Marketing.

What is Video Marketing?

As the name suggests, video marketing is the showcasing of business offerings via the latest media outlet – online videos.

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Business Start-ups.

  1. New businesses can increase their customer base overnight by targeting consumers with online shopping preferences through video marketing.
  2. Online videos provoke ‘word of mouth’ popularization across the net in a matter of days.
  3. You can widen your target audience by uploading your videos on varied sites each catering to a different class of people.
  4. While you focus on the primary needs of your start-up, your online videos help in generating sales traffic to your website.

Choose your Video Marketing Strategy.

Besides being a rapid-fire promotional tool video marketing has a lasting impact on people’s conscious buying decisions. So, in order to ensure you get the best out of your marketing efforts, you would need to select an appropriate video marketing strategy.

A) Choose your Video Type

There are numerous types of marketing videos to choose from depending on your line of business and audience type:-

  • Promotional Videos – that function more or less like online advertisements
  • Narrative Videos – that give out information about your company, production process, products or services, and how to purchase
  • Informative Videos – that stress more on your product lines and characteristics
  • Slideshow Videos – focused on capturing the audience senses through product visuals

B) Decide on who makes the video – whether you would want to create it yourself or with professional help.

C) Decide on video assignment – whether to index your videos to search engines with the help of back links or keywords, or just upload them on particular consumer sites.

D) Decide on whether or not to include a survey or video rating poll with your video.

Here are a few helpful Video Marketing Tips:-

  • Personalize your video – A smile on your face engages the audience.
  • Include a demonstration of your product. This makes the video more believable.
  • Keep your message clear and simple. Avoid long winded explanations.
  • Index your video to relevant search engine keywords.
  • Offer video value. Your content should be substantial enough to hold the consumer’s attention long enough to decide on a purchase, but short enough to avoid being boring.
  • Invite consumers to check out your company website for more information, and welcome them to your office or store if you have a physical business.
  • Upload your video on your company website or blog.

If used correctly Video Marketing is sure to bring in rich dividends for your start-up, and create a firm brand impression in the hearts and minds of all your potential customers.

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