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Running an online business is a great way of making your brand known and interacting with your audience. Unfortunately, with so much to take into consideration, running an online business can also be overwhelming at times. Fortunately, to help make your life a little bit easier, here are 5 ways that Internet marketing tools can help:

1. You can manage your marketing campaign more easily.

With the right Internet marketing tools, managing your marketing campaigns can be a breeze. For example, if you’re planning to focus on an email marketing campaign, there are plenty of services and apps available to help you get the most of the experience.

With email marketing software, you can design, prepare, and send emails to people that subscribed to your list. You can also track the open rates and click-through rates, as well as test subject lines and more, to see what works and what doesn’t. By having such easy access to the information, you can make the necessary tweaks to make your email marketing campaign even more effective.

Here are some great posts with more tools:

2. You can learn the best times of the day to connect with your audience.

There are a number of tools available to learn when the best times of the day are to make posts for your audience. Most of the tools center around the best times to post on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, each campaign is different, so you will need to adjust your posting habits accordingly.

3. You can keep on track.

If you conduct business from home, it can be difficult to focus on the tasks you need to complete. Fortunately, you can find programs that will help keep you on track by dividing your day into productive time slices. With a program known as Vitamin-R, you can even record what times of the day you are the most productive to help plan your workday out more efficiently.

4. You can update your website more quickly.

If you have a website, you can easily update it with the right tools. For instance, if you use software to create a mobile version of your website, you can easily browse and update it even while on the move. In fact, it’s highly recommended by Google that you create a mobile version of your website. By making your business accessible on a number of devices, you will attract more people.

5. You can access your business anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an Internet connection.

With the right Internet marketing tools, you can access everything that you need no matter where you are. For example, if you use a service such as Dropbox, you can save important files and access them from numerous devices. Such a service also makes it easy to share important files with the rest of your company or clients as well.

Effectively using various Internet marketing tools is an excellent way of reducing stress and keeping things running smoothly for your business.

About the author:

Jack Bishop has a passion for online marketing. He constantly finds new ways of making the internet work for small businesses and blogs about his ideas and insights into effective marketing.

The world of SEO can be a strange place if you do not understand how the search engines operate. There are many great startups out there but it can take a certain amount of skill to really understand how to drive traffic organically to any site that is fresh out of the gates. It is important to understand that SEO is a long term process and can take time to really see the fruits of your labor. Don’t be discouraged though, there are some great techniques any new website can tackle in order for Google to look at your website in a slightly different light.

In this Google SEO for Startups video our friend Maile Ohye discusses a few things new startups can do to make their site just a bit more sticky in the search space.

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Google WordPress Plugin

WordPress has become a very popular blogging platform for a variety of obvious reasons. What started off as just a blogging platform years ago has now turned into a very important website building technology that many organizations large and small use every single day to build awareness. WordPress has also developed a large community of developers that are always looking to improve the platform by developing easy to use plugins that could be used for a variety resources to enhance any WordPress website.


Google has recently came out with an official Google Webmaster verification plugin to help WP users install Google Webmaster Tools on their WordPress website. If you are or want to be a WordPress power user plugins like this are going to be very important for future growth. Google Webmaster Tools is very important if you want to take the success of your online marketing serious.


For webmasters with self-hosted WordPress blogs, there’s now a Webmaster Tools site verifcation plugin for WordPress that completely automates our verification process! You can install it directly from the “Install Plugins” control panel built into your WordPress blog, or you can download the ZIP file from the WordPress plugin site. This plugin can only be used by self-hosted WordPress blogs; it can’t be installed on blogs hosted on


Google Webmaster Tools Plugin

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Building a website that really pulls in traffic and sales and grows into a viable business takes time and lots of testing. You don’t just launch a website and walk away from it you test, tweak and monitor to see what is working and what isn’t. Sure this sounds easier said than done especially if you have to keep hiring a developer (s) to make website changes but it is something you must do if you are serious about growing your online business. Website conversion metrics change with time along with trends so you have to stay on the ball at all times.

Make the Phone Number Visible

Don’t hide your phone number make it visible to the world in multiple areas. Scroll down your important pages and see where things fall under the fold so there is always a phone number visible for a visitor.

Add A Lead Form

You want people to contact you? Add a lead form on each service page so people realize they can send you their information and not have to call you. Some people just don’t like the phone.

Add A Blog

Aside from just adding a blog write in it as much as you can. Try to maintain a constant stream of writing in your blog so people can see there is a person within the walls of that website.

Add Certification Logos

Are you certified in a variety of industry specific areas allowing you to conduct business? Post those certifications on your website.

Add A Testimonials Page

If you have happy clients and they love to tell you how great you have been put it on the website! This is a great trust building effort that shows your audience you have what it takes to get the job done.

Add Client Logos

Add client logos for customers you have helped to show your audience you are capable of conducting business with others.

Check Your Color Scheme

Does your business cater to men but the whole site is pink? Not saying men don’t like pink but you have to think about your demographic and change colors around so they are appropriate to your target demographic.

Check Your Design

If you haven’t redesigned your website since the dot com bubble burst in 2000 you need to red-design your website. Trends in design change and you need to be up to date with what your audience wants to see.

Check Your Images

Are your website images grainy and of poor quality? Take a few bucks and go buy some professional photos online and use them on the site. Images are great for user experience but they have to be somewhat decent in quality.

Install An Online Chat Tool

Instant online chat has been known to work very well for some businesses where people want answers quickly during the purchasing process.