Twitter Influence

Social influence in the digital space should be the goal of any person or business looking to make some sort of impact with Twitter and social media all together. When you become an influential entity online you hold a tremendous amount of power in your hand, the power to dictate immediate change. Think about it like being the cool kid at school, not everyone but some will want to hear everything he or she says, wear what they wear and do what they do, it is simply human nature.

This also applies to the online space when it comes to positioning yourself as a brand with a powerful voice. With platforms like Twitter influence is very important for individual or group growth. Twitter influence is key if you really want to grow your account and change the way people listen to what you have to say.

Here are five ways to increase your Twitter influence:

Grow your voice

If you want to have significant influence on the pages of Twitter you are going to have to have a loud and consistent voice. If you want your audience to listen to what you have to say and actually act on it you are going to have to increase the size of your voice. Don’t be scared to say something you think might receive back lash. There is always someone somewhere that has a chip on their shoulder.

Position your personal brand

It doesn’t matter whether you are one person or a fortune 500 company you have to position your voice as a brand that showcases authority. People like to follow brands because it allows them to feel like they are part of something.

Here are some companies that have amazing influence from their brand and their online voice:

Engage with other influencers

Have you ever heard that saying that if you surround yourself with successful people you will eventually inherit some of that successful energy? Well try to surround yourself with some of the top infleuncers in your space on Twitter. Sometimes all it takes is to get cozy with your top influential people or businesses or at least get noticed by their cheerleaders to get things underway for your own business. The only way you will grow your influence is by being around others with even greater influence.

Retweet, retweet and retweet

One the greatest measurements for influence in Twitter is how people interact with what you have to say. If you have influential power your followers will retweet your messages to their followers. This also goes both ways, you have to be willing to retweet what others are saying if you ever want people to retweet what you are saying.

Understand where you stand

If you want to increase your Twitter influence you are going to have to understand where you stand with your current influence. How do you know how to increase if you don’t have your benchmark point yet? Try using a site called Klout. Klout will help you measure your online influence in a variety of social networks including Twitter.

Klout on the News – (they have lots of influence)