Viral Marketing Tips & Strategies

As with all things internet-related, viral video production has become a lucrative economic endeavor. For those with an eye for catchy content and the chops to produce it, a world of attention from advertising companies and major online distributors is ready to rain down upon their talented heads. Be that as it may, producing the next global craze isn’t as easy as you may think. Countless thousands try and fail on a weekly basis, and the proverbial “pot-o’-gold” at the end of the digital rainbow remains eternally elusive for some. That being said, there are a few basic ideas and concepts that can provide an inspirational platform for your first (or second…or third) viral video attempt. The list below illustrates a handful of successful strategies from former viral video producers.

1.) Keep Your Content Fresh –

When people search the internet, current issues, topics and media personalities are much more likely to “trend” than dated information. You can rely on this tangentially-related audience attention to help draw internet users to your video.

2.) Keep Your Content Short –

Brevity is money. If you can deliver an unforgettable experience in under three minutes, your video has potential.

3.) Keep It Moving –

The pacing of your video is a crucial element of its potential success. Your viewers aren’t looking for a slowly developing story; they’re expecting something potent from beginning to end. Remember this when creating your viral video. Every second should have a purpose and be essential to the overall linear structure of the video. If it’s not, take it out.

4.) Keep It Smart –

Even silly, “dumb” viral humor has been strategically prepared. Unless you happen to get lucky, you’re going to need to create a unique experience for your visitors, one that doesn’t revert to cliche jokes and jabs.

5.) Keep It Accessible –

A video can only go viral if it appeals to a diverse section of the population. Ensure that your content is compatible with people across a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds.

6.) Make It Unique –

If someone watches your video and thinks, “This reminds me of that other video…,” you’re probably not going viral. Viral videos stand out because they are wholly unique.

7.) Make It “Human” –

Sometimes, the most entertaining and talked-about viral videos are those which shine light on the awkward and entertaining moments of the average person’s day. One of the most significant reasons an individual decides to share a video is due to the fact that they can relate to it.

8.) Give It A Concise Title –

Mobile browsing constitutes a large portion of internet traffic, and it’s not uncommon for commuters to browse popular videos on their smartphones during train and bus rides. Keep your video title short and effective so that browsers on small screens can quickly get an idea of what your video is about.

9.) Give It A Catchy Thumbnail –

The thumbnail, or still image that is shown when the video is not playing, can tell your potential audience a lot about your video. Make sure that this image is compelling and enticing in order to ensure that your audience clicks ‘play.’

10.) Promote It –

Don’t expect your video to instantly catch on fire. Plan on spending a significant amount of time upfront spreading your video to blogs and forums. The “word-of-mouth” effect can only kick in after a substantial number of people have seen your production.

11.) Be Persistent –

Although your first video might not bloom into full viral status, your reputation as a quality content provider will increase. In many ways, producing viral content is no different than selling music or novels; developing a fan base can help ensure success over time.

Rob Greenberg works as a copyright consultant at a company.