YouTube Ranking Tips

Do you post videos on YouTube frequently and nothing ever seems to happen? You are not along so don’t worry you might just need a little tweaking. There are some things you could be doing to help your video move around quite a bit. It is all about the little details sometimes with YouTube to get things visible and jumping around.

Below are some helpful tips to get your videos visible:

1. Frequency

One video in your account is not going to build traffic but a handful of videos over time will. Put yourself on some sort of schedule and make sure you drop a new video whenever you can. This will get repeat traffic coming back to you. Over time more and more will make it to your website which is sort of the ultimate goal.

2. Titles

I know it can be very enticing to want to put a very cutesy type title into your video but if you do that you really won’t appear in any search results for the intended purpose of that specific video. Take a taste full approach and a combination of cute and keyword rich and you will see great results over time.

3. Descriptions

You wouldn’t believe how many videos I see with no description filled in. Fill in your description area with meaty information pertaining to your video and make sure to utilize some of your industry keywords into the description text. This is like leaving a meta tag description empty on an important page of your website. Don’t forget to put a link to your site in the description also for people who bump into your video directly through search results.


Each YouTube video has a keyword section. Make sure to put all keywords that target your video into this section. Each field is an opportunity to maximize your search ranking efforts so don’t hesitate to fill in these or any sections when submitting a video into YouTube.

5. Voting & Comments

If you don’t plan on visiting your video profile for a little while don’t let people leave ratings or comments. At least set up your video so you have to approve all comments. If a competitor comes by and decides to give you a bad rating that will hurt where your video appears in search results when some searches on YouTube.

Follow these tips an over time you will see results increase for the better. Be patient because it takes time to grow a successful anything online. Keep shooting videos and writing and eventually you will be rewarded.