Virtual Reality & Branding
We live in an ever changing world. Technology is improving at a rapid pace.


As a result, so are marketing techniques. Check this out:


The newest marketing technique for many major brands is virtual reality. It’s unreal.


Here’s what you need to know:


Virtual Reality 101

By definition, virtual reality is an artificial environment—created by computer software—that’s presented to a user in such a way that they suspend belief and except the artificial environment as real.


It’s used in:


  • Healthcare/Surgery
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Sport training


And now, it’s used in marketing—by major players. Let’s talk about them:


Marriot Hotels

Marriot Hotels uses a Get Teleported campaign to allow guests to actually see and explore the hotel rooms and cities they’ll potentially be staying in. The virtual honeymoon campaign has been fantastic and effective. Guests are given a strong idea of honeymoon spots, and Marriot is able to make money. It’s a win-win.



HBO has added itself into the virtual reality mix. Season four of the ultra popular show Game of Thrones was recently promoted using a virtual reality campaign.


Users were given the opportunity to climb the famous 700 foot “Wall” that’s used as the setting for many of the show’s main scenes. While climbing, users experienced floor shaking, cold air blowing in their face, and an attack by the mythical creatures known as wildlings.



Coca-Cola uses every marketing technique it possibly can. That’s largely why the brand is one of the biggest in the world. Currently, they’re using virtual reality to give customers an “experience that creates memories”. It’s an amazing campaign based on two fantastic virtual reality experiences.


Santa Clause Christmas Campaign

Everyone knows about the famous Coca-Cola campaign that connects the brand with Santa Claus and Christmas. Thanks to virtual reality, the campaign now takes things a step further—customers are able to become Santa and take a ride on his magical sleigh—it’s amazing.


Virtual Reality Headsets Campaign

Coca-Cola came up with the really cool idea of allowing customers to turn their cardboard packaging into a virtual reality headset. Once the headset is made, the customer can use their cell phone to provide a virtual reality experience. It’s truly remarkable.


The technology and marketing game is always changing at a rapid pace. One of the newest marketing techniques uses virtual reality to give customers a powerful experience to promote products. Brands such as Marriot, HBO, and Coca-Cola have used this special type of marketing campaign to reach out and help customers. As a result, they’ve seen a tremendous increase in sales. If you’re involved in marketing—and have the budget—some form of virtual reality can be a great addition to any of your campaigns.