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If you’re looking to step into the world of online retail, you should know that setting up an eCommerce website is the first step you need to take. But not just any website. It should be secure, and its design should be mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly. Who wouldn’t want to shop from a secure online store that’s easy to navigate from the phone, tab, or computer?


If you want this for your online business, you can hire a website designer to help you start. Or you can try doing it on your own and allow this blog to guide you on how to create an online eCommerce website with full security.


Starting an Online Storewith Full Security


Decide on a Domain Name and Secure It


The right domain name can add credibility to your online business. If you already have a brand, you can use it as your domain name. If you don’t, come up with something that best represents your brand that your customers can easily remember. For example, Digital Resource is a digital marketing agency that caters to businesses of all sizes. Their domain name is www.yourdigitalresource.com. It’s easy to remember, and it best represents what they are about, which is your resource for everything digital.


Make your domain name short and memorable. It could mean the difference between establishing an outstanding Web presence and being misplaced in cyberspace.


Here are some tips to help you come up with the best domain name:


  • Keep it short
  • Use keywords in your domain name
  • Make sure it’s easy to spell and pronounce
  • Avoid using hyphens and doubled letters
  • Always go for .com
  • Use a website similar to Surfshark for extra protection


After deciding on a domain name, buy it from a hosting company or domain registrar. This will help ensure that no one else gets to use your domain name except you.


Set Your Website in a Secure eCommerce Platform


The eCommerce industry is one of the main targets for cybercriminals. You’ll want to hire a web developer for this part. Many people have suffered from identity theft, phishing, and account theft because of poor website security. If any of these happened during a transaction at your online store, it could badly affect your business. There’s a big chance that you will lose customers, which can result in less revenue. That’s why knowing the risks and taking the necessary steps to protect your online store and its customers is essential. Exploring dedicated network management licenses that provide comprehensive coverage and monitoring capabilities is advisable. Many people have suffered from identity theft, phishing, and account theft because of poor website security. If any of these happened during a transaction at your online store, it could badly affect your business.


Here are tips on how to safeguard your online store:


  • Choose an eCommerce platform that has thorough security measures and upholds PCI compliance.
  • Use SSL to secure online transactions on your website
  • Use two-factor authentication to secure your online store from hacking attempts
  • Use a VPN service to protect confidential data
  • Encourage your customers to use complex passwords


Find a Web Developer and a Web Designer


Unless you know how to code, it’s best to hire a web developer. Doing so will allow you to launch your site in no time. A web developer specializes in telling a website on how to function.  Aside from a web developer, you should also hire a web designer. A web designer will ensure that your website design in Miami is user-friendly, SEO-friendly, and attractive to your visitors.


Get an Internet Merchant Account


You need to get an internet merchant account to be able to take money online. This bank account is different from regular merchant accounts because you can’t access the funds collected until the bank clears them.


Use a Payment Service Provider


Once you’ve secured an IMA for your online store, it’s time to decide which payment service provider you’re going to use. PSPs allows merchants to accept credit and debit card payments from customers. They facilitate the transfer of money from a customer’s account to the merchant’s account.  Make sure that your payment options are user-friendly. Ease of purchase can help boost customer experience.


Don’t Forget Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions


It would be best to make sure that your online store has strong terms and conditions to protect your business and its customers.


Essential aspects you need to consider are the following:


  • Privacy policy
  • Accessibility
  • Acceptable use policy
  • Cookies policy
  • Terms and conditions


It’s best to seek legal advice from a law firm experienced in data protection and compliance. Make it a point to prioritize data protection and ensure that everyone in your team is aware of their obligations as the business expands.


Disclose to your visitors how the business is using their data. It would be best if you told them how you’re going to store the data, who can access them, and whom data will be shared.


Develop An Online Marketing Strategy


Once your website is up and running, it’s now time to create a powerful online marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site. There are many ways to this. Here are the different digital marketing strategies you should try:

  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • CRM
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing


Should You Hire Someone for Website Design in Miami?


From a brand-friendly and responsive design to everything that goes into development, you may be interested in hiring a professional for website design in Miami.  The best way to start this search is to write down what’s most important to you when thinking about your website. From there, get to the internet and find a digital marketing agency or website designer and developer who can turn your vision into a reality.