Website Destruction


If you want to start a business today, taking advantage of the web is absolutely necessary. Whether you are a small company or big, the potential of leveraging the business through internet is unlimited.


Nowadays, most businesses use the digital environment for various reasons:


  • Branding
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Relationships with Customers
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Logistics and Strategy Planning


These are the most common. But, there are way more other reasons to go online with your business.


As you already know, every business welcomes its prospects on their professional website. Basically, your website is the place where you receive the guests.


This involves making them feel comfortable, offering them a tea (incentive for leads), and ultimately negotiating a trade-off.


The unfortunate truth is that a lot of websites aren’t that “welcoming”. This represents a huge issue. Websites that contain lots of bugs, those that are poorly made, and those that don’t inspire professionalism…these are all huge turn-offs for your possible customers.


You might be an exceptional businessman and you might have the best business. But –you might lack web design and development skills. There’s nothing wrong with that.


Here is what’s wrong, though: the present state of your website might be damaged – and that will contribute to the productivity and functionality of your business.


In order to avoid problems that come strictly from your website, you need to pay attention to different mistakes and bad practices. During today’s post, we’ll talk about few of them. Pay close attention and fix everything as soon as you possibly can.


1. Suddenly Updating Your Website to Something New

Updating your website is fine…as long as you do it slowly and carefully. When you update your website, you’re making a change because you believe it’ll make your business more productive.


Unfortunately, some changes can totally damage your business.


For instance, if you decide to totally change your website design, structure, and colors, you’re doing a big mistake. The present followers of your business already have a notion of what your brand signifies.


Your brand will start losing its credibility and trust. Therefore, you’ll lose a significant part of your customers.
Some websites even change their URL links without announcing their prospects what the new link’s going to be. If you want to change URL, make sure that you notify everyone before the change. Also, create 301 redirects and have your last URL lead to the newest.


2. Low-Speed Page Loading

Low-speed page loading is the most annoying thing. This doesn’t apply only to customers – it applies to every contemporary internet user. You see, most websites work fine. The pages load fast, you get where you want to get instantly, and that’s it: you have a good user experience.


Now. In case your website’s pages are loading really slowly, you’re most likely to annoy every visitor of yours. Time, attention, and patience are extremely limited resources nowadays. You can’t expect someone to enjoy your “home” if they have to wait 5 seconds before making every new footstep.


Loading speed is also an influencing factor for search engine rankings. Google definitely values the loading speed of a website and considers it a big bonus (or a big turn-off) while selecting the rankings within the SERPS.


3. Not Using Website Analytics

If your main source of customers comes from your business website, not taking advantage of analytics could turn out to be damaging. You get the numbers, you get the conversions, and you even get some sales…but is that enough?


When you lead a professional business, and you’re also leveraging the digital environment to maintain your activity, you must know what your website visitors do.


You must know what articles they read the most, what pages of your website are most frequently visited, and where your traffic comes from. There are plenty of efficient website analytics tools across the marketplace – check them out here.


If you keep track of these factors, you’ll begin to understand and spot the liabilities of your website. When you found them, you can change them. Therefore, using analytics keeps you up to speed with your website’s performance.


4. The Website Isn’t Optimized for Mobile

Did you know that since 2015, mobile use has become the most frequently used way of browsing the internet? That should give you a clue about how your customers find you.


Even thought these statistics aren’t secret, many websites fail to optimize their websites for mobile devices. This mistake can lead to so much loss of potential, as everyone who finds you through a mobile phone won’t be able to see what you have to offer.
In order to avoid that, make sure that your pages are responsive and mobile optimized. Without this, you have no chance to become the best in your niche.


5. The Lack of a Content Strategy

Lastly, but most importantly, websites that lack a content strategy will often fail to impress. Content is king nowadays, and your website definitely needs it in order to thrive.


Alex Morgan, Content Manager at TopAussieWriters, has implemented an impressive content marketing strategy for his company. He took 15 of the most common essay problems that contemporary students have, and created a content strategy plan around them.


The content marketing team has managed to come up with 15 comprehensive guides on how to solve those issues. They have given them for free. Instead of losing their business service (essay writing) – and that’s might be because they’ve already solved the issues – the orders number began to rise.


They have managed to create value, and that value rewarded them with sales. You need to create your own content strategy for your own business. Deliver educational material to your audience, and do it through your website.



Website functionality keeps proving to be an essential factor for contemporary business success. If your website serves promotion purposes, then it’s absolutely critical to develop it properly. If you don’t you’re losing a lot of potential!


Start using these tips if they apply to you, and continue your search on this topic. Always keep track of your analytics and always be up to speed with what’s going on with your traffic. By constantly analyzing and optimizing, you’re going to keep the progress up and running.





Lisa Wheatly believes analytical thinking and an enquiring mind are her strongest points, and she does her best to put them to good use. Lisa has had an experience in opening couple business. Besides, nowadays Lisa is a consultant of young entrepreneurs, and she feels that her knowledge of the human mind allows her to accurately assess the abilities of the young businessmen.