Check-ins have been all the rage now for a few years and it seems like almost every web based giant wants to get a piece of the pie before the market becomes too saturated. Some might say it is already very saturated but there is still room for growth and innovation. Until everyone is checking in on a social web based level companies like Foursquare, Google and Facebook will not sleep until they acquire more market share. Here is a great inforgraphics piece done by Beyond and released in conjunction with the Social-Loco conference. The data is interesting but not really surprising.

On a personal level I have been torn on which app to use. I would like to use Facebook for check ins but I find that the Android app is a bit quirky so I often resort to the Android Foursquare app which has a really great interface and almost never has any technical problems.

What is the number one motivation factor why people check in anywhere? Coupons and discounts. No shocker there because people are hunting for deals everywhere they go these days. Restaurants seem to be the number 1 location for social check-ins which leaves a huge open window of opportunity for those not yet applying this social tool to theirĀ arsenalĀ of business development efforts.

Social Location Check Ins