Wikipedia has been around for quite a while now but have you ever stopped to really think about the awesome power of this website? Wikipedia is an amazing location if you have the chance to become visible on this site simply because of the search value it brings from an SEO stand point. Whether it is an article or a link Wikipedia can bring a slew of positive search engine optimization benefits.

Many know just how difficult it can be to really get any sort of links, write ups about yourself or your brand on Wikipedia due to the incredibly efficient editors that run the site. Personally I don’t mind how strict they are because they have a¬†quality site that is not riddled with junk pages. If they let every brand build a page for their company that site might eventually look like MySpace and we just can’t have that.

JESS3 has recently put together an awesome timeline diagram of how the site grew over the years:

State Of Wikipedia

Timeline Breakdown:

March 2000 – Wikipedia forerunner Nupedia is founded

January 2001 – Wikipedia launches as a side project of Nupedia

March 2001 – Wikipedia passes 1,000 articles

September 2001 – New York Time publishes first article about Wikipedia

January 2003 – Wikipedia passes 100,000 articles published

June 2003 – Wikimedia foundation is announced

End of 2003 – Wikipedia globally surpasses English version

April 2004 – 250,000 articles on English Wikipedia

March 2005 – 500,000 articles on English Wikipedia

August 2005 – First Wikimedia conference held

March 2006 – 1 million articles published on English Wikipedia

Sept 2007 – 2 million articles on English Wikipedia

August 2009 – 3 million articles

January 2011 – 3.5 million articles