There is a reason why email marketing is still widely used by thousands of businesses and organizations each day across the world, because it works! Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online communication and will most likely be here to stick around as long as nobody kicks out the plug on the internet. I talk with so many businesses that have never thought about doing a newsletter for their audience and their clients and it completely boggles my mind.Internet marketing is all about creating touch points with your audience. They want to see you in multiple locations before they purchase anything from you. It makes them feel warm and fuzzy and in today’s economy that is what it takes for a company to be successful. When a client opts-in to an email list they are giving you the privilege to contact them on behalf of your business almost when ever you want. If you don’t abuse this privilege you could drastically see a nice spike in traffic and business.

Here are some tips for items you could throw into the newsletter to keep your list happy:

Blog Posts

If you write in a company blog leaving blog posts in your newsletter is a great way to get content into your blog and get your list subscribers channeling over to your website on a weekly basis. It is like planting a seed, over time some of those seedlings will make it over to your website but it takes time to nurture that relationship. If you write a bit less just change the frequency to once or twice a month.

Product Sales

Right now product discounts are driving the majority of most sales in the market place. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in sales are the driving force for lots of businesses right now. People respond very well to receiving a discount or a deal. Sales & discounts in a newsletter could make it a very successful newsletter over time.

Company Info

Some of the people on your list will most likely be very supportive fans of your business. Some will enjoy hearing about new partnerships and exciting efforts happening at your business. Whether you won an award or painted the office have a little section that offers fun business information. Remember that your audience wants to feel like you are a real person and not just some heartless business. Give them a reason to make a personal connection with you.

Make sure to have a schedule whenever you decide to start putting together your email newsletter campaign. Email marketing only works with consistency so be consistent in putting out your email campaign.