YouTube Channel Marketing


Marketing and branding have come a long way from where they were just a decade ago. Consumers, especially millennial consumers, prefer to receive information in different ways. Social media plays a crucial role in the economy, with YouTube being one of the clear front runners. Using your YouTube channel for branding and marketing is a brilliant idea, as long as you’re setting your channel up for success.


Use the Right Tags

You should have widgets and links on your other profiles or sites, and be cross posting your content. This will assure that the followers who are already following you on other platforms are exposed to your content. But what about the people who aren’t?


YouTube Tags


That’s why placing the proper tags on your YouTube videos is crucial. If you aren’t doing so, people aren’t going to find you when browsing YouTube. You’re alienating YouTube users who could become valuable customers. Add as many relevant tags to your videos as possible. Be careful not to use misleading tags, as YouTube considers this a violation of their terms of use.


Give Your Videos a Call to Action

People won’t become customers if you make it difficult for them to browse your products or services. If your videos are subtle, they may not even be aware that you’re offering them. That’s where YouTube’s annotations feature comes in handy. At the end of your videos, include text and an annotation box with a link to your website.

Provide Exclusive Content

If people can see the things they see in your YouTube videos somewhere else on the internet, what’s stopping them from doing so? The content you provide on your YouTube channel should differ significantly from the content you provide on other platforms. People love things like behind the scenes videos that show them what goes on inside of your offices. Exclusive announcements and live demos that they won’t find anywhere else are also big draws.


Complete Your Profile

Branding should be thorough and consistent. A great YouTube channel has more than just videos – it’s also a place to showcase who you are. Make use of the custom banner feature. Create organized playlists, and include links to your other profiles on your channel’s home page. Fill out your bio. Include branded intros and outros for your videos. Let your viewers know who you are.


YouTube Banner


Avoid Blatant Sales Pitches

The public turns to YouTube for entertainment. If they wanted to watch commercials, they’d be watching regular television. You have a product or service to sell, but you need to make it interesting. After viewing your videos, people should walk away with more than just the knowledge of what you’re selling – they also need some food for thought. Avoid conventional advertisement messages, and focus on what makes you unique.


Collaborate with Other YouTube Creators

YouTube isn’t just a bunch of individuals who keep to themselves. It’s an active, thriving community in which many of the members collaborate. Are you a lifestyle brand? Find a lifestyle YouTuber to work with, and provide them with the opportunity to review your products or services. There’s a YouTube niche for just about everything. Find the most popular creators within your niche, and touch base with them. Your audience will likely grow as a result.


Give Users a Reason to Subscribe

Continuously providing valuable content will keep you relevant on YouTube. If one of your videos surpasses 100,000 views, that’s excellent. What happens when that video tops out? Keeping your channel interesting with entertaining weekly segments or relevant tutorials will inspire people to stay loyal to you. You want your brand to stay fresh in their memories, and become a part of their everyday lives.


Overall, one of the most important things when it comes to using YouTube for branding and marketing is to stay consistent and valuable. With that in mind, it’s time to develop a plan and get to work.


About Author:

With a background in business administration and management, Tess Pajaron currently works at Open Colleges, Australia’s leading online educator. She likes to cover stories in careers and marketing.