Social Media Butter Fly

If you still think that social media is a fad then chances are the denial has gotten to the best of you. Social media marketing has revolutionized the way people and businesses communicate with each other and if you take a good look around you will quickly see that it is happening all around us in a very fierce way. Businesses large and small are hiring social media experts and turning marketing departments upside down in order to increase all social media activity to help grow their businesses.


Here are 7 reasons why you should be a social media butterfly fluttering around through the different online social networks making friends:



In some cases you can communicate almost instantly with your audience. What other piece of marketing is going to allow you to do it that quickly? A great deal of social media is happening in real time so go communicate.


Some if not all of your competition is probably already conducting some sort of social media marketing efforts to help grow their business. They are probably happy you are not because they are talking to your audience with little distraction from you. You don’t have to be a social media rock star but getting the ball rolling sooner rather than later is crucial.



Marketing is the process of communicating your business message with your audience which is exactly what you can be doing if you leverage social media the right way. Why wouldn’t you want to market your business?


Website Visitors

Social media can generate a steady stream of inbound traffic coming into your website on a consistent basis as long as you are consistent with it. If you consistently tackle social media on a weekly basis you can dramatically increase your flow of targeted traffic to your website.



Whether you like it or not the purchasing behavior of people everywhere has changed quite a bit and branding places a significant role in how people purchase online. Social media can build your brand image online in a positive fashion.



Show your audience you have a soul and a personality. Social media marketing can help you show your audience that there is a person behind that company or website.


Search Engine Optimization

Social media has a very large overlap with the SEO industry which we all know can really help a websites growth when conducted correctly. With links being used in social media it is a clear reason why it could help you with your SEO over time. The search engines see what you do through links and content and if you are tackling the social space you might be able to dramatically increase your SEO efforts.


Don’t wait any longer with your social media marketing. Take the steps now and start communicating and building a following online because down the road you will be happy you did. Remember that things take time to mature and it might take some time to see great results but eventually you will reap the rewards if you stick with it.