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We offer a variety of social media marketing services depending on what your organization needs.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

It’s crucial for our team to really understand your audience if we are going to engage with them on a social level.

Not every social platform or network is right for every business. We’ll help identify where you should be active.

Once we understand the specifics we’ll create a custom social media strategy for your business.

When all parties are on the same page and the strategy has been approved we then execute the plan.

We will continuously monitor your campaign and make necessary adjustments.

When done correctly social media marketing successfully marries your business/website with your online community. Our B2B & B2C social media marketing services can connect your business with your target audience through online “social chatter.” Social media marketing is nothing to be scared of! Many businesses are still worried about sending the wrong message about their business through one of the popular social networks.

There are so many simultaneous conversations going on in the social community that unless you say something really detrimental to your brand or you are a very large closely monitored brand you will be just fine. Social media marketing is here to stay for quite a while and has really only just begun. Many businesses are finding their audience on websites like Facebook and Twitter every single day. Chances are that some of your competitors are already there hanging out socializing with your audience on various social platforms.

Option 1 – Custom Social Media Strategy

This is perfect for those businesses who already have the resources in place to get the job done, they just don’t know where to start. We can customize a social media marketing strategy for your business so that you can execute many of the activities yourself. To ensure that you fully understand the strategy we will spend time with you going over your strategy once it is completed. This way, you will fully understand each activity being done and why it is happening.

A custom social media marketing creative strategy is perfect if:

  • If you have a team ready to execute the work
  • You want to teach your team how to conduct social media marketing
  • You have the time to do it yourself
  • You want to learn how to do it yourself

Option 2 – Full Service Social Media Marketing

We will put together a custom social media marketing strategy and execute all daily activities so that you don’t have to. If you do not have the time or resource to delegate this work at your business we can do it all for you. Once we spend time discussing your business goals, company personalty and target audience; we will customize a plan to get you buzzing and communicating with your audience on popular websites like Twitter and Facebook.

Some of the areas we will tackle:

  • Strategic content marketing
  • Status updates
  • Fan engagement
  • Blog post writing
  • Editorial Calendar management
  • Daily social account management
  • Blog commenting
  • Video marketing

Below are some examples of recent creatives we built for our clients.

social media example

social media example


social media example

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