the team

Look, we’re real! Here’s some of our team that makes it all happen.


Owner & Founder

Watching businesses blossom and grow online is a passion of mine. There is nothing better than witnessing the birth of a brand and watching it bloom. Since I was a little kid I have always liked the idea of branding.

My first taste of marketing was in 6th grade when I attempted to start a skateboard company. Since then I have been helping others grow.


SEM Manager

I began managing paid search campaigns nearly 8 years ago and I currently develop and oversee the execution of strategic online lead generation campaigns designed to maximize lead volume and conversion. This includes managing a team of agency resources through guidance and thought leadership.

Certified in Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Google Analytics


Strategy Manager

Ivy loves to manage our clients strategies. She comes with many years of experience in client management. She also loves the beach and playing with her dogs. Go Ivy!


Business Development Manager

Michael was in charge of facilitating all business development which included inbound lead nurturing a long with an outbound strategy which included cold calling, networking events and various community events.


Content Manager

The written word has always held a lot of power over people. It has the ability to enlighten and encourage people, and even get them to take a certain action – whether that’s to purchase a product they never heard of but suddenly can’t live without, or choose a company overshadowed by competitors. Creating this call to action is something we do very well.


Copy Writer

Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed sharing my ideas and thoughts with those around me through my writing. Coupling that skill with the desire to be an entrepreneur as well as having the privilege to work in numerous industries over the years has enabled me to help many companies get their messages across to website visitors in the most compelling and engaging manner possible, namely, the written word.


Marketing Coordinator

I have over 5 years of digital marketing experience working on various email and social media campaigns. My role is to ensure that marketing communications and social media programs accurately reflect the brand of the company. I am also a self-confessed geek who loves to blog and travel the world.



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Operation Head ( Web & Mobile App )

Being the Operation Head of Web and Mobile App, I use proven methods to boost productivity. Enthusiastic, assertive, versatility and unsurpassed work ethics are the words that describe me briefly. From strategic planning to systems implementation, I do it all. My 14 years of experience in this field have taught me how to meet the grossed profit goals consistently.

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