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If you want local foot traffic you need to have strong local search engine visibility. Our proven methods can help you with that.

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OurSEO Mission Statement

We’re an agency that prides itself on being 100% transparent with all our services especially SEO. SEO is an enigma to many people and businesses and it’s important to us that all our clients understand the steps that are taken and why we are taking them. We ensure that every SEO project comes with tangible documentation throughout the whole campaign. Before we do anything you will be given a strategy that shows in detail what will be occurring, assets from those activities, and the results from our SEO actions. SEO to many feels like purchasing car insurance, our goal is to make it fun and exciting. Let’s have a chat about your SEO needs.

Our SEO Steps

Onpage Local SEO

Local search engine optimization has a lot to do with keyword research, which is why Brandignity excels at it so greatly. Our local SEO prowess stems from our ability to research high-quality long-tail geographically localized keywords, with a localized flair. It’s important to understand that shorter, two-word keywords are not always the most valuable. Longer keyword phrases take careful research, and must be carefully created to include local search terms. Brandignity local SEO services can complete this work for you, so that you can keep yourself focused on what really matters: running your business and bringing in that revenue.

The steps below are included in our step 1 to ensure your site is 100% optimized for local visibility.
  • Keyword research
  • Copy optimization
  • URL structure recommendations
  • Sitemap creation
  • Load time optimization
  • Alt tag optimization
  • SEO site recommendations
  • Content optimization
  • Conversion recommendations
Your one-time deliverable:
Recommendation Document

You will receive an SEO recommendation document outlining each and every change exactly how it needs to happen page by page of your website. This is an easy to read document that can be passed onto your developer for implementation. There is also an option for us to implement the changes for an extra charge TBD at completion of document.

Onpage SEO

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Offpage Local SEO

Many small businesses and service professionals use local listings to help themselves get exposure and to make themselves known to clients in their specific areas. These directories are often compared to the Yellow Pages, only they exist on the Internet. We can create and manage multiple local
listings for your business, with search engine optimized copy.

This is just one of our top-notch local SEO services, and is all but guaranteed to put your business in front of the leads that are looking for help with whatever it is you do. We’ll help make sure your listings look professional too, with crisp, clear photos and snappy, inviting copy. Not only do we know local SEO, but we know how make you happy, too. Our services also include article marketing, PR writing & distribution, infographic design, document sharing, video distribution and much more. When you need to make sure that your business is targeting local leads, we’ll make sure to create an article marketing campaign that takes aim at the potential clients in your specific area. Our experts in local Internet marketing can make sure you’re reaching the people you need to reach, which is part of what makes Brandignity one of the most trusted names in search engine optimization, both localized and otherwise. We’ll make sure to craft high-quality content that is relevant and useful to your target audience, so that your site does well in the search results and continues to create brand authority for you across the Internet.

Below is a list of items we will execute for you full service to help you build up your online visibility, authority and link profile for your local business.

Your monthly deliverable:

Ranking Report

A monthly ranking report will show you which keywords are moving up and down. Since SEO is keyword driven it’s
important to see which ones are moving quicker than others.

Google Analytics Report

For clients that give us access to their Google Analytics report we’ll also pull important monthly data for you to see various movement throughout the site. Everything from popular entrance pages to bounce rates so we can all brainstorm on how to make a better wheel.

Offpage SEO

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show you what we plan on doing before we do it. 100% transparency is important to us.

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