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search engine optimization (SEO)

Nowadays, search engine optimization (SEO) involves far more than stuffing your website with keywords and linking to as many other websites as possible. Instead, it now encompasses everything you do online – right down to your company’s social media activity. This means that you need to ensure that your efforts not only include your website, but all of your external marketing efforts and campaigns as well.

Here at Brandignity, our SEO experts know exactly what it takes to help your website reach the top of search results. Enabling us to perform SEO-related tasks on your behalf will not only enable you to redirect your time towards other projects requiring your focus, but it will ensure that only the most effective and legitimate methods are used to do so. This will generate an ever-increasing amount of traffic to your website, which will result in significantly increased sales – and which business doesn’t want higher sales figures today? If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at

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All of our programs are month-to-month. You will never be tied down by a contract. You’re free to leave whenever you want.

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Our SEO Mission Statement

We’re an agency that prides itself on being 100% transparent with all our services especially SEO. SEO is an enigma to many people and businesses and it’s important to us that all our clients understand the steps that are taken and why we are taking them. We ensure that every SEO project comes with tangible documentation throughout the whole campaign. Before we do anything you will be given a strategy that shows in detail what will be occurring, assets from those activities, and the results from our SEO actions. SEO to many feels like purchasing car insurance, our goal is to make it fun and exciting. Let’s have a chat about your SEO needs.

Our SEO Steps

Step 1 Onpage SEO

You wouldn’t build a house and cut corners on the foundation would you? The same applies for search engine optimization. Your website needs to be 100% efficient before you do any type of link building or external marketing efforts to drive in new business. Our onsite search engine optimization services can help you achieve the web marketing goals you are looking for. A clean search engine friendly website with custom crafted meta information, well optimized content and image tags will respond to all external link building efforts with incredible force. SEO is all about making your website streamlined and efficient.

Optimization is about highlighting the potential your online presence has to offer. Our professional on-site optimization includes all of these elements making your website so friendly to the search engines that they actually smile at you!

Here are the items we tackle on this step:
  • Keyword research
  • Copy optimization
  • URL structure recommendations
  • Sitemap creation
  • Alt tag optimization
  • SEO site recommendations
  • Conversion recommendations
Your one-time deliverable:
Recommendation Document

You will receive an SEO recommendation document outlining each and every change exactly how it needs to happen page by page of your website.

This is an easy to read document that can be passed onto your developer for implementation. There is also an option for us to implement the changes for an extra charge TBD at completion of document.

Onpage SEO

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Step 2 Offpage SEO

Our SEO link building services will assist you with building a robust and well-rounded link building campaign aimed at increased website rankings and brand building. It’s all about building a large network of quality link pathways that point to your website on highly relevant industry websites to build your website authority. As we naturally conduct your companies online marketing we will also build links (organically) just from the nature of marketing your company online. Pro-active link building works the same-way, it just gives your website that little extra push you need to get started. Our link building process is 100% safe and follow all search engine guidelines during every step of the process.

Once we’ve optimized your website we need to “twist the crank” to get the motor started. Link building for search engine optimization works in a way that it delivers the power needed to get your website moving and climbing up the search ladder. Link building is nothing more than proactive marketing and branding which all websites need regardless of your business. It’s important to understand that website rankings alone do not build a business. It’s the strategic marketing and building of a brand that highlights a business online.

Your monthly deliverable:

Custom Strategy

During the first month of an ongoing monthly SEO campaign we will construct a 12 month SEO strategy. Our process is 100% transparent so you know what we are executing before we do. Each month all link locations, content, user names, passwords and all campaign notes will be recorded in this strategy for you to review.

Ranking Report

A monthly ranking report will show you which keywords are moving up and down. Since SEO is keyword driven it’s important to see which ones are moving quicker than others.

Google Analytics Report

For clients that give us access to their Google Analytics report we’ll also pull important monthly data for you to see various movement throughout the site. Everything from popular entrance pages to bounce rates so we can all brainstorm on how to make a better wheel.

A Dedicated Person

At Brandignity you will not have to fumble around with long winded customer service departments. You will have a dedicated person with a direct phone number and email address if you should have any questions.

Offpage SEO

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We are 100% transparent! No client is left in the dark. You know what we’re doing at all times.

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We are a quality vs. quantity agency who provides the attention you need to make an impact.

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We are results driven! We constantly adjust to make sure you see the growth you’re looking for.

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