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Founder www.igozen.com


Brandignity has been a tremendous asset to us in growing our business. Not only does he possess the latest professional knowledge, he also operates with high integrity. He is extremely reliable. If he promises something, he will deliver (no ifs and buts.) It is wonderful to find someone I can depend on.

Founder www.massagenaplesfl.com


This past summer I had the pleasure of working with Brandignity to come up with a completely new website design for me. I loved the very first design and color scheme. Their key word searches were fantastic, they were fast and very creative. Brandignity definitely knows what they are doing and what the market needs. After launch, I started seeing results right away in the first month. Maciej is SO easy to work with as well. So if you are looking for something new to recreate yourself or your business, give them a call.

Founder www.kapta.com


Brandignity provides not only great SEO strategy, but great execution as well. They know exactly how to get your website ranking well on the major search engines and is a careful, diligent SEO professional. Our results speak for the quality of his work.

Founder www.hairgenesis.com

Dr. Marcovici

When seeking internet service providers, a business client cannot always count on words being consistent with actions. In our experience at least, many such companies promise excellence up front but, almost invariably, deliver mediocrity or even worse on the back end. Thus it is both rare and refreshing to find a company like Brandignity where words and actions are congruent, and where excellence is just part of the value they always provide.

Founder www.canadaqbank.com


Brandignity.com has been a remarkable service for our online business. Since we started using their services, our website has seen a seventy percent rise in traffic to our website. The link building campaign, SEO expertise, marketing and promotion services are excellent.On a personal note, as founder of my company, I wished I has known about such a service when we first started in 2008.

Whole Life Natural Medicine

Dr. Schertell

I was referred to Brandignity by a friend who suggested I use this company to enhance my website search engine rankings for our medical practice. So far they have been very helpful, knowledgeable, and right on top of things! It seems like many people choose the internet before looking in the phonebook, so I’m looking forward to seeing my practice grow through all the online promotion we’re doing! So far I’m very impressed.

Founder www.openhosting.com


We’ve found the Brandignity team to be very useful, organized and highly trained on SEO and SEM strategies. Their work has helped us out.

Founder www.hopelightmedia.com


Maciej’s work helped to decipher SEO for our organization into a very simple process. Within just 4 months he was able to salvage our organic search position on Google to the top, due to a change in our website we had lost these rankings. I would highly recommend Maciej to anyone needing to focus on SEO both in the short and long-term. He is an invaluable asset to our e-commerce strategy.

Owner www.drspiegel.com

Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel

I recently switched my internet marketing and web presence from a large NYC firm to Brandignity. So far, so good. Brandignity has been responsive, innovative, and completely above board. I am enthusiastic that our message is getting across better than ever, and with the most contemporary approach.



Brandignity has been a great asset in the development of our business. They have greatly improved our web presence and we look forward to working with them into the future.

Owner L8 Night Records


I hired Brandignity to help me get some exposure for my website online with social media. Maciej’s knowledge on how to help me get more visitors to my website was great. I thought I knew how to do some of this stuff myself but he showed me things I would never think of doing.

Owner 36creative.com


In an industry which seems intangible and mysterious, it is always good to find someone who can explain the facts; give you goals that you can grasp; and offer a relationship built on trust. When we first started working with Maciej we were suspicious of the entire industry. Now we have seen the results. Thanks to Brandignity we don’t have to look anywhere else. They do it right and it works.

Owner Shift Innovations Tinting Company


When I started looking for a company to do my SEO I asked almost everyone I know who does theirs. Maciej was recommended to me by someone I trust very much. I contacted Maciej at Brandignity and he always got back to me in a timely matter. He was willing to walk me through every step of his process to help me. Something I feel very few companies are willing to do. I knew SEO takes time but I started seeing real results in only about 30 days. Very happy I was able to find a company I can truly trust for my Internet marketing. Business has been getting better each month since I started working with Brandignity.

Owner Marketing Ninjas


We’ve outsourced a lot of our client’s SEO work to the team over at Brandignity for many years now. They work hard to keep up-to-date with the ever evolving world of SEO. They know what tactics work and which ones to avoid. For one of our clients, in less than 8 months they went from being relatively obscure online to achieving a dominant presence in a highly competitive industry. I know when I hire Brandignity for our SEO work that it’s in the hands of a team of professionals.

Founder of Atlas Coffee Club

Michael Shewmake

Working with Brandignity is one of the best decisions we’ve made to date as an organization. – They are very responsive, informative, and transparent about what they offered, the science behind how it works, and showing the improved results along the way. Any time I had a question they were quick to respond and provided insightful answers. I’ve worked with other firms who offer SEO services where I was kept in the dark about what they were doing and wasn’t involved in the strategic planning – this was not the case with Brandignity. Again, HIGHLY recommend.

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