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Reasons Marketing Data Analysis Is Important for Your Business

 Digital data has become an integral part of both online and offline marketing. Marketing data analysis is no longer an up and coming practice and is now considered the industry standard.  Customer data is being collected en mass, but not...

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Digital Transformation and the Future of Ecommerce

 From the "big bang" to the "e-commerce boom", we have surely come a long way. The e-commerce industry has fared against many challenges, including product pricing, delivery time, packaging concerns, and not to forget stiff competition from offline stores. But figures...

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7 Expert Tips on How to Reach a New Target Audience

 Knowing your target audience leads to effective marketing and helps meet the needs of your customers. When it's time to scale your business up, you may need to add or change the type of buyers you promote to. Reaching a...

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SquareFoot.com CEO Interview: Why all Entrepreneurs Should Learn the Basics to Digital Marketing

When I founded my company, SquareFoot, in 2011, while still in business school, I had no idea that it would turn into something that would keep me busy full time for the next many years and that I would raise...

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Advertising in a New Decade: What to Expect

 The year 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade and technological changes so rapid it may be hard to keep up at times. A look back at 2010 to present day is a reminder of how rapidly advertising changes....

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Instagram Marketing Tips Every Business Needs to Follow

 Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms with over 1 billion monthly users. While Instagram is largely seen as a place for social discourse, the platform is also a powerful tool for businesses. Over 25 million companies use...

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How to Promote Services on Your Company’s Landing Page

 Site visitors might arrive on your company's landing page because they are looking for information or an answer to a question. Providing valuable details about your company is helpful. However, your real purpose with any landing page is to grab...

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How to Improve Your Industrial Landing Page Without Breaking the Budget

 Whatever industry you're in, your landing page is often the first interaction a person has with your brand. If you don't hit all the high notes and keep things focused on the goal, you risk losing your site visitors to...

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B2M Web Design Trends You’ll See Next Year

 A business to many (B2M) model is unique in the ways they utilize web design to reach both segments of their audience. Some choose to create a main landing page with separate areas for business and consumer customers. Because of...

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How to Use WhatsApp For Business: A Beginner’s Guide

 Millennials make up the largest consumer group across the planet, and their preferred method of communication is messaging. Now more than ever businesses should be prioritizing customer experience and convenience. People are constantly on the go and are no longer...

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