SEO Guide
A little known secret of Google is that you can use advanced search operators to find very specific search results. This is extremely helpful when it comes to SEO. If you are trying to find link building opportunities and need specific sites the only way to find them is with Google search operators.


Some common uses are to find guest blogging opportunities, industry resources, niche directories, non-profit organizations, paid advertising, broken links, .edu, .gov, product review sites, and much more. These sites can be found by adding a few extra characters in a Google search. It is best to experiment with many search operators and keywords to get a wide variety of link building opportunities. You can then analyze each site in depth using Majestic Trust & Citation Flow, Moz Domain & Page Authority, Alexa, Google Page Rank, and other factors to see how valuable a backlink will be.


Learn about the various search operators below and see how they can fit your SEO strategy. These are just a few of the many search operators available by Google. These also work on many other search engines.


SEO Infographic

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