B2B Marketing Emotion


Believe it or not emotion plays a very important role when it comes to how website visitors interact with your B2B brand. Getting someone to smile, laugh or even cry can be very rewarding when it comes to business growth.


Our friends over at B2B Marketing put together this infographic showing just how emotion can help when it comes to B2B marketing.


B2B Marketing

B2B Web Marketing

B2B web marketing is something every organization should be conducting to generate leads for their business. The days of just sticking to trade shows or direct marketing efforts are over. If you are an organization that has spent a better part of your company’s life cycle performing offline activities you are going to have to shift gears and perform some B2B internet marketing to gain visibility online.

In this Google B2B marketing video you will see that numbers for digital recognition far outweigh the numbers from almost any other form of web marketing. Search engines still dominate this area which is why B2B SEO is such an integral part of conducting visibility exercises.

When making business purchases B2B customers use:

  • 11% TV
  • 31% direct mail
  • 33% consultants
  • 37% catalogs
  • 39% trade shows
  • 41% professional organizations
  • 71% internet
Top online sources:
  • 42% professional association sites
  • 45% online reviews
  • 51% brand websites
  • 73% search engines

Google B2B Web Marketing Video