Future Of Internet Marketing

The SEO industry is a very fast moving industry and those who truly stay on top of trends and topics while keeping their creative dome pieces on nice and tight will be the ones that flourish. Things like link building will change and shift due to the cess pool of junk content getting larger and larger in search results.There are some areas that I think will flourish even more than they are now.

Real Time Anything

Just about anything real time will become even more important as time goes on. Real time news, data, video anything that can make it to the mass market before it really even has a chance will be a link building force that could and will bring mighty power to a website. Reporting anything that is juicy that you know your industry will tear apart will create some really nice links for you. I think we are just getting started with real time information.

Industry Data

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. People love statistics and raw data they can sink their teeth into. Often times a nice piece of data will be dissected by hundreds of bloggers creating their own points of view on what the data might mean to the industry at hand. If done right and you create the first piece of data dissecting an aspect of your industry that data might be linked back to you from hundreds of other sources, some even very credible.

Brand Building Not Link Building

A forced link is still a link but the ones that happen naturally are given the most weight. It sounds easier said than done but if you want the natural links to occur you have to position yourself as a brand online. Take for example your top industry blog. Do you think they are going to want to link to a website that has zero branding and is clearly there just to take up search space? Most likely not. If you are an older website that has simply never gone through a rebrand than you might just get grandfathered into the linking plan for that blog jut because of seniority rules but if you are a relatively new website and you don’t have many friends in the industry branding is going to play a enormous role in the future of website marketing.

Personally I can’t wait to see what the future of search marketing has in store for us all. If you are a web marketer that takes a strong branding and business building approach to your online marketing I think you will flourish even more so. If you sit around brainstorming how to manipulate the search results I don’t think you will be around for very long because the industry on to you and most people understand that things take time.



I think many people cringe when having to purchase SEO than they do when they have to pay for car insurance. Why is that? Is it because SEO is such an unknown for many people and the concept alone is still very tough for people to comprehend or that everyone’s approach is vastly different that website owners don’t even know anymore what works and what doesn’t. There are some very important elements every website owner needs to understand when they finally venture out and decide to hire either a company or a consultant to work on their internet marketing.


Things take time


Don’t expect to be ranking in two weeks if you are in a somewhat busy category. If you are a shoe cobbler in Milwaukee you might rank in two weeks but for the most part it will take some time so be patient. You have to earn rankings and that comes with good solid marketing strategy.


More money doesn’t fix it


Spending more money on your SEO is not going to get things to move any quicker. It is not a money issue but rather a competition, time and age issue. If you have heavy competition in your search space things are going to take a bit longer to appear and move around.


You need strategy


Why exactly do you need 1,000 links per week? A link building needs to be strategic for the most part. Put out a viral marketing campaign and get your industry bloggers to write about it. Those are nice strategic links not directory submissions. I spit on directory submissions.




For the most part when you hire an SEO person you are hiring them because you don’t fully understand what you need to do. Don’t argue with their process because they are on your side. If something truly looks out of whack by all means ask for an explanation but put some trust in the person you are working with. We don’t get anything out of having your website fail in your space.

Paying your dues


Why is it that you deserve to be number one for your keywords when your website has only been around for 3 months? Some of the websites sitting around in the number 1, 2 or 3 slots have been live for many years and they have done the leg work to be and there and stay there. You need to do the same.


Forget Google PR


Google PageRank does not generate or equal sales. Marketing your website equals sales so stop stressing about the little number in your tool bar. Google PageRank was just an invention by Google that probably made things a lot worse than they could’ve been.


You are not going to beat out EBay


If you clearly cannot compete against the big brands don’t try. You are not going to push out the EBay’s that are sitting out there. If your space is littered with big brands that have anchored themselves in try a different approach and go around them. They are like beached whales, nobody moving them.


Take the time to educate yourself on the various steps to search engine optimization and what it truly takes to make things happen not just in the industry but your niche or space specifically. Once you understand you will have a better experience when approach the SEO landscape for your website.