Black Friday Organic SEO
The Adobe Digital Index noted that US online sales increased by just over 14% in 2015, meaning that Black Friday provides a great commercial opportunity for many businesses. However, it’s essential that the correct planning and preparation is done beforehand to render it a success. Part of this preparation should involve a full analysis of data so that an effective organic SEO strategy can be developed.


Below are some tips to help create an effective marketing strategy.


Make Use of the PIPR Strategy

P – Plan early

I – Influence at the correct time

P – Peak at the right time

R – Repeat – this can be done by using the previous year’s page


Each step is crucial to ensure that you organize your content, plan how the content will be used, analyze your audience, perform the necessary consumer research and attain the peak purchase with more certainty regarding how your brand can boost its sales and stand out among competitors. Your Black Friday strategy should concentrate on taking advantage of increased web traffic and seeing how it can be used for future promotions and campaigns.


Recognizing the Most Valuable Organic Opportunities

A valuable search terms is defined as one that could lead to the desired conversion, going beyond just the traffic itself. As a result, brands should not only concentrate on the most popular options, but rather those that will prove to be most useful to them. For example, the search term ‘Black Friday’ might have the highest search volume, but it is in fact only the seventh most valuable search term in the US. However, ‘Black Friday deals’ seems to be the most valuable organic opportunity for US searches. This is an example of how longer tail keywords with more relevance can in fact be more valuable and offer a higher chance of converting traffic to paying customers.




Black Friday




Black Friday Deals
Online searches that include the word ‘deal’ are increasing, with the vast majority of them being specific enough to provide additional value to the user. Year upon year, the amount of searches for ‘deals’ increases, which can help brands understand their consumers and concentrate on the most practical and useful terms.


How Retailers Could Benefit From Black Friday

While Black Friday is a fantastic retail opportunity, not all retailers are able to benefit from it. It’s also important to remember that it isn’t just a day that will attract more site traffic and lead to more sales conversions – careful planning is needed to make the most of it.


Here are some crucial tips to remember if you want your brand to benefit from Black Friday:


  • Black Friday shouldn’t just be about one day – instead, forward planning should be done to ensure that the momentum and additional traffic from this day is harnessed and used to attract future sales opportunities
  • After Black Friday, your business or brand should use the build-up to plan ahead for Cyber Monday and Christmas
  • Instead of focusing on generic search terms, find those that work best for your audience
  • Remember that more consumers now prefer online and mobile purchases, so plan your marketing strategies accordingly


Planning ahead and using the right marketing strategies will help ensure that your business or brand is able to take full advantage of one of the most popular shopping days of the year.