Brand Strategy Awareness


The majority of successful business owners will agree that the key to creating effective brand awareness is its repeated exposure to your targeted audience. Building a brand awareness strategy will facilitate your efforts in familiarizing consumers with your product or services. Repeated exposure of your brand to customers while delighting them with remarkable experiences will aid in earning their trust and loyalty. This will ultimately translate into more sales and a host of added benefits for your business.


If you take the likes of McDonald and Coca-Cola into consideration, you will realize that even giant brands recognize the importance of preserving their brand identities in the marketplace.


To this end, they continue pouring millions of dollars on commercials, video content, advertisements, endorsements, and event sponsorship’s to reap the intangible benefits that a strong brand brings. Other organizations like Tenet Healthcare Corporation market their brand by creating a mobile app that allows users to access critical data about their schedules, payments, and benefits efficiently. More information can be found at eTenet login guide.
Fortunately, unlike these corporate giants, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars to boost the exposure of your brand. This is because you have access to the internet and other modern marketing methods. Below are three low cost, yet effective marketing strategies that will help with the efficient exposure of your brand.

Creating Traffic for Your Website with Content Rich Blog Posts

Blogging is among the most powerful inbound marketing tools that you can rely on to raise awareness for your brand. It permits you to establish yourself as an expert and a thoughtful leader in your industry while creating an opportunity to flaunt your knowledge on issues and topics related to your field. Besides, sharing useful and educative content with your target audience allows them to understand the intrinsic value of your product, which ultimately leads to more sales. The more you add superior quality and useful content, the more benefits you derive. For instance, Google rewards sites with higher search ranking, and blogging is a vital SEO tool. You, therefore, stand to be rewarded by adding new and fresh content to your blog.
Moreover, blogging attracts traffic from potential customers who seek information related to your site; they could comment on your blog posts, affording you an opportunity to further engage with your prospects. The best way you can employ blogging as a strategy for improving brand awareness is by providing content that instructs, informs, and inspires your audience. It is also by writing in a personable and authentic tone and incorporating relevant images and photos in your blog posts. You may also want to include sharing features for such platforms as Twitter and Facebook. Most importantly, blog as much as possible.


Writing a Compelling Press Release to Raise Your Brand Profile

Irrespective of the size of your business, you can count on a newsworthy press release to facilitate your efforts at Building a brand awareness strategy. While the press release is most commonly used for announcing new products and services, resourceful entrepreneurs are now employing it to announce events and information related to their products or services.


However, you must ensure that your delivered information is newsworthy, written in a journalistic style while following standard PR format. You may also access added advantages from the use of online press release as they can send your story to top news sites like Yahoo News, Google, and other media outlets. If your story is sufficiently interesting and compelling, it could generate a massive amount of traffic for your website.

Using Online Videos to Build Your Star Powers Rapidly

When it comes to online marketing, a picture is good while one that is moving is much better. Incorporating online videos in your marketing strategy is a million-dollar decision that will necessarily generate incredible traffic for your website. This is attributable to the rapid popularity of online video sites like YouTube, Viddler, and Vimeo, which provide your audience an alternative, fun medium for consuming your content. Videos will help you in creating a deeper connection with your target audience as most people prefer them over reading. In fact, videos are capable of getting your brand more recognition than infographics and testimonials.
Videos are employed by the majority of successful companies to give tutorials and product demos; the more engaging you are, the more traffic your videos will attract. Fortunately, you don’t require expensive equipment to create a video; using a phone and free video editing software like Mac’s iMovie or Window’s Movie Maker is sufficient. You could make short videos that allow your personality to shine.


Building a brand awareness strategy doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Whichever marketing strategy you settle on, ensure to market your brand to Millennials. This can be achieved by exhibiting your brand in mobile apps, which are often used by this conspicuous group of consumers. Using the above marketing strategies will go a long way in building awareness for your brand, allowing you to build long lasting customer loyalty, an essential aspect of dominating your market and driving your ROI towards the right direction.