Coupon Sites


Discounts and coupons have moved on from flicking through pages of advertising in the newspapers. Now you can do your own instant, targeted search online for the best deals on brands, products or retailers. You can search for categories of related products, and buy right away online or print coupons to take to the store. Here are some top coupon sites for best SEO.


This useful and wide ranging site lets you seek out coupons covering deals for groceries, household goods, beauty products, clothes and more. The search is designed for speed and ease of use, with search results that pop up as you type.


This is a quick and easy to use search engine for all kinds of online deals and coupons. has large, clear pages of current offers for any store, product, brand or category you search for, with expiry dates clearly displayed. There’s an easy-to-follow link to the offer site. It also lets you browse by category, store and by country. This is a great feature as it excludes irrelevant offers, and there are none of the expired coupons that clutter other coupon sites.


This is a platform where brands can post their latest offers, promo codes and coupons, and they appear on this website where customers can search for stores and products and get a list of the latest deals as clickable links. Retailmenot shows users how recently each offer was last used by another customer.


Redplum is a long-running coupon newsletter that was delivered to customers with newspapers or via email. It has reinvented itself as a website for finding the same deals as printable and downloadable coupons, with instant search results and useful lists of related offers. They also offer a mobile app for adding coupons to your loyalty cards, called Clipfree.



This website offers printable coupons, online offers and also lets users add a toolbar to their browser or search engine which highlights advertised offers as they come up in web search results.



This is another extensive coupon codes site that lets you search for almost anything, and offers quick links to filter your search by categories of offer or store.



This useful site offers cash back when you purchase items from over 1000 retailers. As well as enabling you to buy at low prices, this site offers a rebate from 3 to over 10 percent on products, so you’ll end up saving lots of money. It can take some time to receive your rebate, and there are no coupons on offer here for instant savings, but if you buy through eBates, you’re guaranteed to pay less money.