Driving Website Traffic

One of the most stressful situations for any website owner is the idea of not having anyone viewing the content that you have worked so hard to create. Even after trying a lot of different ways, you still find your statistics still suck and you find yourself running out of motivations to continue working on it. But don’t give up just yet, there are still plenty of ways you may not have tried, and new strategies are coming together every day.

Paid Advertising

While this isn’t always suggested as a go-to strategy for people who are just starting out with their websites, the option is always on the table. Paid Advertising is great because it is reliable. You are guaranteed to see some results from the advertising and that is why it is still around. However, before you even consider Paid Advertising, do your research. Doing your research on keywords to target can mean the difference between a successful campaign and one that falls short of your goals.

Social Media

Social Media is one of the most important aspects in our day-to-day life but there are some that are failing to harness the power of social media for their website to make it successful. So how do you do this? Simple, you work hard on marketing your social media page as well as your website. Have a link to your social media pages on your home page and direct people to like your page or follow your Twitter. Make sure they are constantly updated so they don’t look outdated and be active. What people fail to realize is that the more people that like your page, the more others will see it and don’t even dare forget about retweeting! The more attractive your social media pages are, the more visitors your website will see.

Guest Posting

All around the internet, you see people who have been posting on blogs that are not their own with a link to their own website. This plays an important part, because they are doing two things with this. They are advertising their own site and they are creating backlinks to their website and those that Google want to use. Another interesting thing now is there are certain times when Google will link a name up to the Google+ Profile, creating more chances for your name, and therefore your website to be put up there. Don’t be afraid to contact blogs and websites asking if they are interested in guest posts, the worst they can say is no, right?

Email Marketing

This is one of the more difficult, but one of the more reliable ways to build traffic. While it does work, it is also hard to do. So if you can afford the cost, make sure to look for a professional. Finding an Email Marketing Consultant to aid you in your attempts at Email Marketing can help you avoid any blunders that might come up as you work towards your goal of a successful Email Marketing campaign. For those of you that haven’t heard about it. Email Marketing is the advertising that shows up in your inbox from time to time with tantalising offers and interesting tidbits.

Affiliates and Partners

If you have something to offer, offer it to sites that are similar to you. Of course, ask them to reciprocate and you will find that you can share the traffic of each site. While this method isn’t as reliable as the others I have placed on this list, it is one of the more effective methods of marketing. It creates word of mouth, and those loyal to your new partner are more likely to look at your website and help you out!


I know, this is kind of a fake answer, but you have to be patient with anything you do when it comes to marketing. Most of the time you won’t see instant results and stressing as you constantly refresh your Analytics provider won’t help. Take the chance to build more backlinks to do better in the Search Engine rankings and write more guest posts. Just keep working on your projects, and good things will come to those who wait.

In the end, none of these points are extremely reliable but these are the most reliable sources for you to create traffic. Creating a web presence is not the easiest things to do and neither is increasing your traffic but the harder you work and the better your content, you should find yourself with more traffic than you can handle.

Author Bio

Bret knows everything there is to know about SEO, which is partly because he spends an unhealthy amount of time on the internet. He loves surfing the web so much that he decided to make a living off it and ended up reading and learning all there is to learn about various aspects of SEO.