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Email continues to be one of the most efficient and effective ways for small businesses to reach out to their potential customers. If it is just about sending a few emails, this can be managed with a regular email service, but email marketing campaigns generally involve sending emails to a long list of clients. This is not only difficult to execute but is also rendered ineffective as many emails are filtered out as spam.


There are many email marketing tools which help you overcome the usual challenges and also let you design beautiful emails. What’s more, these also allow you to track the effectiveness and success of your efforts. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the seven most prominent marketing tools available on the market.


1)  iContact






iContact helps you catch the attention of your audience by customizing your email. The tool allows you to choose from amongst a host of elegant templates. The drag-and-drop message creation tool helps you create custom messages with utmost ease. You need not bother yourself to log into your social media account to publish these. iContact does this automatically. You also get the intelligence on who all from your contact list opened or clicked the emails and which of your contacts choose to unsubscribe.


If you choose to use iContact, the service costs you $14 a month. A free trial is also available.


2)  GetResponse





GetResponse comes with a powerful tracking feature which helps you segment subscribers, track site conversions and follow-up with more message. The email editor allows you to add pictures in your email, so that you can catch the reader’s attention. It also allows you to preview the email copy and see how it would look to your potential clients.


It comes at $15 a month. You can opt for a 30-day free trial to get clarity about its benefits.


3)  Constant Contact





This is one of the most popularly used email marketing tools primarily because of a very customer friendly technical support it offers. It has a higher price tag than most of the other comparable tools. The powerful customization features helps you even customize the various templates that you may choose for your email campaign. It offers a 60-day free trial and costs about $15 per month.


4)  Benchmark Email





This one offers a host of features which include customizable email templates, ensured email delivery, and dedicated email servers for those clients who have volume. It also offers social media integration, contact list management and a facility to run a mobile email marketing campaign too. It comes with a 30-day free trial, and multiple pricing options tailored to the needs of various clients.


5)  AWeber Communications





Design great looking email campaigns by choosing from over 600 ready to use email templates. With its RSS to email tool, you can even share your blog posts as newsletter. With auto-responder options, you can choose to send an automated reply to various messages you may receive from your clients. It does not offer a free trial, but allows you a steep discount for the first month as you need to pay just $1 instead of $19 per month which is the regular price.


6)  Mail Chimp





It is a popular and powerful email marketing tool that helps you schedule delivery of your emails as per the time-zone of your customer. You can plan campaigns that sends out emails to just a particular segment of your customer as per selected criteria. With its geolocation feature, you can choose to select an invitation for an event to only those customers who are around or near a particular zip code. It offers 12,000 emails to 2000 contacts per month, forever free. Premium plan starts at $10.


7)  Vertical Response





Get a head start for your email marketing campaign by choosing from over 700 customizable templates. The powerful editor helps you design your emails in minutes. It also offers sign up forms which you can add to your website and grow your contacts list. It will also automatically take care of posting your email campaigns on Twitter and Facebook. Offers a free trial and comes with a variable pricing option under which you pay only as much as you use (number of emails sent).


If you have worked on any of these tools, share your experience with us in the comment box. Also, please mention if you know of more such powerful email tools that can be of benefit for small businesses. We will appreciate your contribution to make this list more useful for our readers.


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Boni Satani is an online marketing professional working Australia’s leading 1300 & 1800 Number service provider – Zintel Communications. Zintel empowers small and large businesses improve their customer experience through toll free numbers.

Effective Email Design


While it may seem like social media marketing has taken precedence over any other medium, it remains that email marketing is successful and effective – if done correctly; that being the key aspect. While email is an effective means of reaching customers, it is also very easy to go from new email to trash in a matter of moments. Because of this, companies have been forced to re-think their tactics for both the visual and the technical side of marketing email newsletters.

And successful brands are doing just that — cross-pollinating email marketing strategies via email clients, social platforms and mobile devices. Ultimately, brands still find email effective because it’s inexpensive and universally accepted by people all over the world. –


Designing Layout


Now more than ever, the layout of your email is crucial to converting it into an effective marketing tool. Customers get dozens of spam emails a day, all of which look the same – a mess of broken links and poor formatting which gets it sent directly to the garbage. Both esthetically and technically, your emails need to be laid our correctly.

  • Visual: Make it easy to navigate and understand. For example, get the important information on the left of the page, and the extra stuff on the right. Add value with links to products or more extensive information – similar to how you run your blog.
  • Technical: The layout needs to work on both the computer and mobile device. According to, that a 2011 study done by Google found that 82% of smart phone users access email on their device.


Including Basic Content


Now is the time to start being choosy about what and how much content you choose to display within the newsletter. Edialog found that 27% of respondents want special offers, 21% want promos and 15% want to know about new products. Once you have decided on the most effective information, such as it’s important to lay it out in a manner that will invite reading and interaction.

  • Visual: Keep the phrase, “Glance and go” in mind when creating your email newsletters. Your customers don’t have a lot of time, so keep it short and sweet. Write the information in bulleted format or very short paragraphs.
  • Technical: Utilize links out to give readers a snippit, instead of expecting them to read through the entire thing. This drives traffic back to your site and keeps your readers in the know while on the go.


Utilizing Social Media


Finally, your email marketing is an excellent way to get traffic back to your various social platforms. To do this, you’ll need to include various links within the body of the email, in a clear, concise way. It should invite your customers to click through, without making it seem like a hassle.

  • Visual:  You can choose to utilize a simple link, “Follow us on Twitter.” However, it may be smart to change it up by leading to a promotion or coupon:  “Friend us on Facebook to sign up for your birthday coupon.”
  • Technical: Be sure to place these links in more than one spot on your newsletter. Your two best spots? Top right corner and bottom of the page. This gives you the chance to catch your customers at multiple points during the interaction.

Creating an effective email marketing campaign has become a difficult task for many companies. With so much spam cluttering your customer’s inbox, it’s nearly impossible to be successful. However, with a few technical and visual tweaks, you can be converting customers into website visitors in no time.


About the Author

Bio: Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics from social media to VOIP phone systems. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including background checks for lead generation resource, Resource Nation.