Facebook Fan Page Mistakes

Brands don’t mean to make mistakes they just do and some mistakes can cause serious damage to a brand if not corrected quickly. With social media being such a powerful driving force in today’s business world it comes with a learning curve especially if you have a large global brand. One wrong status update can cause irreparable damages that can linger for years to come.

Facebook is no exception to this rule and you need to have a certain amount of respect for its power.  There is a reason why some people have millions of followers on their fan pages and those reasons need to be acknowledged.

Here are 10 ways to hurt your brand on Facebook:

Underdeveloped Fan Page

Facebook fan pages have grown quite a bit from what they once were. They now have many options for information that a brand or company can fill out. Make sure you fill out all the fields available to your brand so that it is nice an optimized for your users.

No Status Updates

The fan page is there for a reason, for you to use it! Posting updates once per/month is not going to help you build your brand on Facebook. Actually it will most likely hurt you quite a bit if you have no updates and you are a larger brand. Studies have shown that people make many judgement calls when it comes how a business interacts on their Facebook fan page.

Not Sharing Other’s Content

It takes a special kind of mindset to help your competition in the social space but remember that social media and Facebook is all about sharing content. You might not like it but your Facebook fans will and pleasing your audience is what it’s all about.

Forgetting To Promote Your Fan Page

Don’t forget to share your company Facebook fan page with others. Put it on your website, in your newsletter and on your blog to get others connecting with your brand.

Zero Engagement for Conversation

If people leave comments on your updates make sure to get back in there and respond back to them. Facebook is all about communication so if someone wants to communicate with your brand take the time to respond back to them.

Don’t Even Think about Mass Friend Connections

Don’t hunt around for those bogus products that promise 1,000,000 new Facebook fans by the end of the month. These services will do nothing more than just get your account banned. You want fans that truly want to be there and hear what you have to say.

Default Wall Settings

Think about the default page your visitors are landing on, whether it is a custom Facebook design or just the content wall think about your goals. There is no right or wrong setting to have it on it just depends on what you want your audience to see first.

Poor Logo Design

Make sure you always use a logo that renders 100%. If it is too small and needs to be stretched out to fit it will hurt your company image. Have your designer put together a nice logo that renders and fits properly in the logo space.

No Album Images

Each fan page has the ability to build out some nice photo albums. Use the photo albums to your advantage as best as you can. If you don’t have images take photos of the office and employees.

No Link!

Always, always, always leave a link behind where people can easily connect directly with your website. The worst thing that can happen is to make users have to either search for your website or hunt for a link. Don’t make anyone hunt, leave it right there for them to use.