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Nowadays, social media play a significant role in promoting different businesses over the World Wide Web. That is why most companies and business owners are using social media in promoting business. In the same manner, real estate agents also make use of social media, especially the Facebook, in promoting their business as well as their listings.


Realtors believe that Facebook is a prefect marketing medium. It is because of the internet users these days are engaged in using this social medium, making it one of the fastest growing segments. Likewise, it is also the perfect place in reaching out buyers within your target demographics. As a realtor, the first thing that you should do is to create your Facebook profile in which you can offer your business to the world.


On the other hand, you should not use your personal page in conducting your business. Instead, you should make a Facebook Page for your business where you can add listings. You can also share updates and sell your services and products. Through Facebook, you can create groups where you can drive people with special interest in your real estate business. Here are some tips on how realtors can promote listings on Facebook.


1. Connect with prospects

By using Facebook, a realtor can connect and interact with potential clients. However, you should ensure that your profile looks professional and should reflect your personality. Likewise, you should also make a profile name related to your business.


2. Communicate, educate and engage

The main purpose of creating a Facebook Group is that it will serve as the avenue where you can add those interested people so that they will learn about your business. Likewise, you can also create a referral group aside from your current contacts.


3. Advertise

Advertising in Facebook is a great help in increasing the listings. Nevertheless, you can also opt to set the demographic and geo target. Make sure to use keywords appropriate to your ads. This is the cheapest way of advertising your business.


4. Integrate marketing plan

Integrating marketing plan in your Facebook Page is one way of building your reputation. You can easily drive prospects once they know that you have strong marketing plan.


5. Create professional images

It is important to ensure making your business page more attractive. Aside from the listings, you can also add blog RSS on your Facebook page. In this way you can provide updated information to your audience.


6. Be responsive

As you want to attract more clients and increase listings, you should ensure responding back to your clients.


7. Be creative

If you want to obtain more listings, you should employ unique practices in promoting your business. Posting entertaining videos is a great help as long as it can grab the attention of potential clients.


8. Stand out

As you engage in real estate, you should ensure to stand out in promoting your business. See to it that potential clients should remember you so that you can turn them into customers.


9. Be supportive

While you want to increase listings and obtain clients, you should also be supportive of them. As much as possible, you should foresee their needs and offer advice if needed.


10. Go beyond

In showcasing a property on your Facebook page, you should provide links aside from the related information. Being particular with the details will increase your credibility. If you’re going to build a website use a WordPress IDX plugin.


Indeed, Facebook can do wonders in your real estate business as long as you know how to do it.


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