How does your company define marketing success? What if you could figure out a way to target your best leads and save time while doing so?


Workflow was invented for this very purpose. It’s easier than ever to stay organized with your marketing campaigns. Organization will help you to stop wasting time on the leads that won’t become customers for your company. The best leads will be easier than ever to contact. Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will be more accurate and detailed than ever. Workflow allows for higher sales for the companies that are willing to invest in it.


Perhaps you’ve never heard of workflow before in the marketing world. You’ll be delighted to discover three ways in which workflow can take your marketing efforts to the next level. You’ll realize that your current marketing efforts do pay off, but you can do better. Use workflow to optimize your marketing campaigns for success.


1. Turn Leads into Customers

Data-driven marketing targets specific customers in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to place your prospective leads into several different pipelines depending on the data gathered on any specific demographic, including behaviors and their previous interactions with your business. Warmer leads will be given the attention they deserve. These are the prospects that are more likely to become customers of your business. With better organization you will easily figure out how to appeal to your warm leads with targeted nurturing. This increases your likelihood of making a sale.


Your current marketing campaign might involve sending one large email to all of your best targets. You hope that each prospect finds something meaningful to them in your sales letters and emails. But the leads will likely understand that it’s a boilerplate message aimed at casting a wide net.


2. Timed and Customized Content

Some of your leads will definitely be ready to buy before the others. The warmest leads in your CRM system need more communication than the others. The sales funnel allows you to send more communication at timed intervals to your best candidates. These potential customers are actually looking forward to hearing more from you, and they will anticipate regular communication until you close a sale. If your company doesn’t communicate with your marketing leads enough, you might lose that sale completely.


It’s absolutely essential that you know as much as possible about the prospects. Does your target prospect respond to more emails on the weekend? Your workflow can set up your accounts to send the emails at specific times with specific messages. Every lead wants to feel like you understand them. Your marketing campaigns will experience greater degrees of success than you thought possible. You’ll never go back to the old methods of marketing again. The engaged prospects will open up to your organized sales process even more.


3. Save Time and Money

Workflow can decrease your sales cycle by up to 23 percent. Imagine what you and your marketing reps could accomplish for your company if you had 23 percent more time on your hands. You could spend more time contacting the right prospects that will lead to more sales. Time is money in any industry, and that’s even truer when it comes to marketing. You want to hit your numbers and make bigger goals for your marketing. The ambitious use of workflow will enable you to reach for the stars with your newest marketing campaigns.


You will need to train your new marketing reps on the uses of workflow. Eventually you will need to help your people see that workflow is an extension of the CRM system. New marketing reps will find greater success than they could have possible imagined in your company. You’ll have the best of both worlds when you combine talent with workflow systems. The sales will pile up while the profits of your marketing campaigns soar to new heights.


The most successful marketing campaigns now use workflow to set the tone for everything else to fall into place. You will be amazed at the fast, effective results of your new marketing campaigns. Workflow is one of the hottest new tools in marketing. You’ll save time and money while breaking company records with your marketing efforts. If you’re the marketing manager, you’ll be seen as a revolutionary person at your company. Workflow is designed to redefine the way you perform your vital marketing campaigns. The future is now.