Google Glass Marketing


Over the past few months, there has been great anticipation regarding the release of Google Glass to the general public. A device like this would enable people to harness the power of Google wherever they are – in the form of an optical head-mounted display device. It could even display information to users in a smartphone-like and hands-free format while enabling them to communicate with the internet by means of voice commands.


A Closer Look at Google Glass



A few years ago, nobody would have believed that creating, developing and using a product as futuristic and advanced like Google Glass would be even close to being possible. Even now, it seems almost surreal to think that you would be able to connect to the world by means of a simple wearable headband. Who would think that it could be possible to take a picture of your surroundings by simply uttering the words, ‘take a picture’ or be able to enjoy the functionality of hands-free recording while watching your child play sport? Even better still, you could even be provided with the option of sharing these moments with anyone located anywhere in the world in real time.


Virtually Limitless Functionality


Wearers of the connected headband technology would even be able to get directions to where they are going – literally in front of their eyes. Being lost for words while negotiating a deal in a foreign country at an outdoor market could also soon be a thing of the past. Wearers of a device like this may be able to ask questions or even translate their voice in order to obtain information they require while being on the move. If you’re out and about and need information regarding what an item is, or you would like to know more about something, wearers can simply say the words, ‘Google bicycle,’ and the results can be displayed before your eyes on a tiny head-mounted screen display.


The Possibility of Google Glass Apps


In most cases, the amount of available apps is what has contributed largely to the popularity levels of smart phones around the world. As we know, the range of available apps for these phones enables users to do virtually anything while on the move. Owing to the fact that these wearable computers could even be equipped with full internet functionality, there is no reason why an extensive range of apps could not be developed for use with devices like these as well. If predictions come to pass regarding an extensive Google Glass app community, there would be no telling what range of apps could be made available to use in conjunction with a device like this in years to come.


Limited Only by Imagination


Glass wearers would already be connected to the internet, so there would be no reason why they would not be able to make use of compatible apps while on the move. An example would be walking down a city street, realizing that they’re hungry and enabling a voice-activated app that will advise them on which restaurants or fast food places are available close by to satisfy an appetite. Or how about arriving on vacation in an unfamiliar city and looking for a motel or source of entertainment? Simply activate an appropriate app that will not only provide the address of the nearest motel and entertainment source, but it would only provide details for motels that still have vacancies.


Let Google do the Thinking


How about developing apps that will enable a user of devices like these to locate the best prices on consumer goods within a pre-determined radius? Or something that enables you to be directed to the nearest emergency medical facility during times of crisis? With the correct combination of app developers, options like these could very well become a reality in the very near future. In fact, it could even be possible to locate fellow users of devices like this within a designated area too – all by means of a simple voice command. This type of functionality would enable users to promote and enjoy a sense of community while spending time networking and getting to know new people.


When it comes to Google Glass marketing, one of the easiest ways to describe to people how the device works would be to state that it enables the people that you share your content with to see the world through your eyes. With Google Glass, everyone can be watching.