Google Local Services


Ready to take your business’s digital marketing to the next level? Google is changing the way they do marketing and ads, exclusively, for local service businesses.


Google for Local Services

Google offers a business page for you to advertise on a social media platform as well as on the search list. For example, if a consumer searches for a business within your industry, nearest to their location, your business might pop up on a map along with a list of other similar businesses with reviews, price points, and addresses. These results are based on proximity and relevance to the search.


Local Services

Local Services ads, previously known as Home Services ads, is changing the game by adding an additional layer of advertisements to searches. These ads appear, based on search relevance, at the very top of the browser’s search results. If you’re one of these businesses, you could be the first one that a customer sees when they need your service.


Google Guaranteed for Finding Better Vendors

Not only are these businesses making an impression of relevance to consumers, but Google is also offering a “Google Guaranteed” authentication marker. This marker indicates that these service businesses are trusted by users in your area for offering quality services. This establishes trust between consumers and business before they even request your service! This seal of approval is a great way to show new clients that you offer quality work.


Google’s goal is to establish lasting relationships between local businesses and homeowners who need services like plumbing, locksmithing, electrical work, and cleaning. Local Services ads is a great opportunity for small businesses to get ahead and compete with chain service businesses and franchises.


The Ad Platform

The Local Services ads platform is more than just an ad service. The platform connects with aspects of Google My Business to show customers reviews and ratings, contact information, and an overview of the business. The Local Services page displays accreditations and licenses to affirm a business’s validity. Customers can actually search the specific service they need within a business’s page.


If a homeowner needs their garbage disposal repaired, they can search keywords to find out if a plumbing business offers this service. Users can narrow their search to only the businesses that offer the service they need, and businesses can demonstrate their services without so much as a phone call!


So what does this mean for your business?


Google has just recently taken Local Services out of the pilot stage, and it is now available in 30 major cities in the US. If your business is located in one of these major areas, participating could make a huge difference between you and similar business.


Today’s consumer is looking to Google as their first step in finding a product or service. Your business’s name at the top of a search result might just be a matter of convenience for the consumer. Even if your business doesn’t offer the specific service they’re searching for, your name on the Local Services ads will remain in their mind for another day.