Hair Salon Marketing


Hair salon web marketing can be a very tricky thing these days simply because of the sheer volume of competition around every city corner. With that said that does not mean that you should sit still and roll over because it seems like it will be a lot of work to break through the online competition. The reality is local salon web marketing is a must for all salons and the truth is that not all of them are doing it well or how they should. Local search engine marketing is not what it once was years ago. These days things have changed quite a bit especially since the mobile smart phone boom occurred not that long ago.

Here are some beauty salon marketing ideas that could potentially help you market your salon:


Think about your brand first


It is not just about having a small website or a 10 year old logo it is about building a brand around your beauty salon that will help you generate instant recognition. It is all about synergy and it starts with the website. People are not picking up the phone book any longer they are now firing up Google and conducting searches and chances are the website will be the first thing they see. Does the brand of the site carry into your physical store? Has your website been updated to at least keep up with the times? do you maintain a weekly blog? All these questions are important when building the brand of your hair salon.


Local SEO is simply a must


It should not even be a question whether you need local SEO to strengthen your salon online marketing efforts. Don’t worry if you are in a congested area online just get your website optimized for your important local keyword so it can gain some traction and start moving around. You have to realize that this is just the starting point. Compare it to a person getting their hair done and this step is a lot like the shampoo process. It sets the stage for what is going to happen once they step into the chair. A good quality shampoo process will leave the client happy for the next step and your local salon SEO will prepare you for all future steps as well.



Your social media should be fierce


Social media is probably one of the most important driving forces for your salon web marketing. Writing blog posts, shooting YouTube videos, tweeting with your audience and updating your Facebook fan page might sound like a ridiculous amount of work but it can be done very reasonably. Social media is your friend and it should be at the top of your list when trying to come up with ideas to drum up new business and new feet walking through those salon doors. Chances are your customers now are just waiting for you to become active in the social space if you haven’t already.

Ideas of things to announce using social media:

  • New products
  • Awards won
  • Special events
  • New employee profiles
  • Sales & discounts

Think geo targeting for local foot traffic


Geo marketing has been a very important marketing effort ever since sites like Foursquare made their way into the picture.

If you haven’t heard of Foursquare watch this short video:



Visit Foursquare and learn the possibilities of how local check-ins can help you build more foot traffic walking into your beauty salon. With so many people using Android phone and iPhones it is important to take marketing action against people on the go.


Group buying is all the rage


Group buying sites like Groupon and Living Social have turned hair salons and spas into instant successes over night. I have personally seen and heard success stories relating to Groupon where local business went up over 500% from just one group buying promotion. 500%!!