Quality of Your Online Presence


If your business’s reputation on the internet is sour, then you’re likely to find problems in the store and at the online shop. Although most consumers know to approach the web with some level of trepidation, they are also aware of how valuable the information is on there. Improving the quality of your online presence can increase your sales.


Read and Respond to Reviews

Chances are that someone has reviewed your business online. Whether the comments are on popular review sites or social media pages, you need to read them. It can be scary to read negative reviews about your company, but you need to know what people are saying. Customers may articulate legitimate concerns about the business that need to be fixed.


Here’s a great example given by ReviewTrackers:


Bad Review



Bad Review Response


Bad Review Response

Also, reading the negative reviews provides you with an opportunity to respond to them. Potential customers probably don’t expect your company to have perfect reviews, but they do want to see how you handle the negative ones. Screaming and cursing at customers who leave negative reviews, for example, is likely to turn business away. You do not always need to agree with the customers’ complaints, but you can respond with respect.


Answer Inquiries

Plenty of businesses have social media accounts, emails and online inquiry boxes, but not all of them take the time to answer. For some people, the most frustrating part of communication is when others don’t answer them. If you cannot answer a preliminary inquiry that a customer has about your product, then he or she is unlikely to trust you to provide further information. When the amount of messages and emails that you receive becomes too prodigious for one person to handle, you may need to assemble of team of experts whose main job involves responding to these inquiries.


Find Your Niche

Your business probably has a niche, and you probably know what it is. Now is the time to take that information and bring it online. For example, you may own a small local business that caters specifically to people in the neighborhood. Plenty of communities have social media pages or online forums, so you can advertise there. If you primarily serve other businesses, you can research forums and online conversation spaces that are specifically reserved for business-to-business transactions.


Update Your Material

People spend a great deal of time on the internet, whether they are looking for updates about a new business coming to the area or they are researching products to purchase for the home or birthday gifts. In any case, they may start by visiting your website or social media pages on a regular basis. However, as they begin to see that you don’t post fresh content, their interest in your company may fade. While you don’t need to post new material every day, you have so many options for posting regularly, such as status updates on social media, blogs on websites and content marketing on video channels.


Fix Your Website

When individuals search for the company online, your website is one of the first places that they visit. Therefore, you want to ensure that you are harnessing the most modern and user-friendly methods in terms of providing information, offering a safe shopping experience and attracting attention to the website. Even if you have a few brilliant strategies of your own, combining them with the expertise of a web design company can provide you with an even stronger website.

The online presence of your company is so important because many people will judge it when evaluating whether or not to make a purchase or to hire you. As a result, the time to start cleaning up the online reputation of your business is now.


Author Bio
Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Kara is also an avid writer for https://builtbyhq.com.