Viral & Inbound Marketing

The common misconception is that advertising leads to sales but the truth of it is that most of the advertising doesn’t work. You need to be smart about it. Inbound marketing is a popular concept of marketing for businesses online. The key for such businesses to attract visitors is good, quality content. The reason why successful businesses online emphasize on top notch quality content is because they want to brand themselves and have an online presence.

The phrase ‘going viral’ has caught on and it means being the next ‘in’ thing on the internet. Inbound marketing channels will aid you to make your content go viral. People now are interested in what inbound marketing channels are there and how they can help them with their businesses.


SEO is an excellent example of inbound marketing. Instead of going out to attract new customers, the customer comes to you when he’s need of a product you are selling. SEO’s have embraced inbound marketing to do better marketing. As majority of the traffic is generated by search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, e.t.c.) to make your website work for you, to get higher visibility and to eventually go viral, you need SEO strategies. You can produce good quality content but proper skills are still needed to structure the website in a way to fit well with new lead generation.

Social Media

Social media is a great channel to make your posts go viral. Whenever you like something you post it on Facebook or Twitter and if you dislike a product/service you do the same. Social media platforms give you the chance of posting your content and making it go viral. To manage your online presence using social media is highly important.

Slide Deck

Slide deck is a great way of presenting information and attracting traffic to your website. Having the same old, boring layout may avert visitors your site. To mix things up, using slide deck can prove to be an engaging treat for your visitors. And if you succeed in making your slide desk entertaining enough, it has decent chances of going viral as they are easily downloadable and shareable.

E-mail Marketing

Do you know which online tool is still the most effective in generating sales? I hope you guessed it right because it’s E-MAIL! People sometimes oversee content on social media but they check their e-mail every day. This means when people subscribe to your website, they actually want to view your content and if they like it they’ll forward it to their contacts list. The main goal of inbound marketing is getting people to your website and e-mail marketing does that.

Guest Writing

If you want to attract newer audiences guest blogging has been proved to be successful. Whenever I buy a product I always read the reviews of the product on the website. People naturally get attracted to products/services if the guest commenters review it positively. To encourage guest blogging always remember to give positive feedback to your guest bloggers.


“Learning by ‘talking’ is more powerful for most people than learning by reading.”-Anonymous

Forums are a great place for marketers to get information regarding your needs and the market needs. As a forum is a discussion area or a bulletin board people share their views, insights and experiences here. Forums are usually used for attracting relevant traffic to your website. Because of the fact current trends are usually discussed in online forums , setting up a well-managed forum is useful to make your content go viral.

PR links

The aim of public relations is to spread awareness and to generate sales. PR is now using articles published online more often to add an educational tinge to their publications instead of just writing an opinion piece. Carrie Morgan in her article “How to Integrate Inbound Marketing Tactics Into Your PR Strategy” said that Inbound marketing and public relations have something in common – helping your clients be found. This proves that PR is one the navigators of current trends and your content will only benefit from positive PR.

Inbound marketing have two goals: visibility and awareness. And these channels will surely help you in obtaining the online presence you seek.

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