Domain Authority

Domain Authority or DA is the way for any website to make it into the top ranks of any search engine results. In fact, Domain Authority does not show the links navigating to the homepage of your website, instead it lists all the root domains pointing to varying pages on your website. One should understand that having many links that are directing you to different pages of your website is much better than just having all the links pointing directly only to your homepage. So today in this article we will outline 2 methods to enhance your Domain Authority and hope it will help you to increase yours.

1. Build backlinks

If you want to create a trustworthy website or blog, you should give each aspect of the site the same importance by putting in a substantial effort to link the inner pages strongly with each other. You must establish a guideline of content for each page and optimize each one of them for the criteria’s those pages meet. Your website must not be shown like Googles’ homepage or other popular pages similar to this, because all pages are important. That’s why you must create several back links from all pages in your site and make them visible to Google and other search engines for a better SEO. I would like to give you some pieces of advice which can help you to be successful in this:

  • Apply common criteria to build connections within the limits of the internal pages of your site.
  • Apply backlinks as often as you can. Writing about any theme that relates to another theme, which has already been written about, you should send backlinks relating to your earlier theme from the new one tying all pages together.
  • Apply links to connect your external pages and add them every time when possible for example: advertising and other places where it is really logical to send a link back to your website’s internal pages.
  • Do not use similar keywords for creating your links to the external pages, It would be better to vary these keywords to cover a wider range of criteria met when one is searching on the Internet.

2. Focus on content quality

Every blogger or website owner has tested Google’s emphasis on high quality content for a better position on the results page. It’s seems like there is not any connection with Domain Authority but in reality that is not true. Nowadays we can see how a substantial number of websites had no success because of the poor quality of content offered on their websites. When your website has a high quality content, external websites will use it and give you more valuable backlinks to your website. This will create links to your website and will allow them to be shared on other websites. One should understand how useful it is to have as many links as possible that direct one back to your website as many times as possible.

With the conclusion of this article you can see that if one wants to establish domain authority, you have to pay attention to the quality of content your website offers. So, if you start focusing on quality, you will be successful.

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