Blog Post Sharing


Writing a blog post is great, getting one shared 1000 times is even better. Check out these awesome tips on to get more visibility to your blog post. Sure, it might not work on every post but it is a great list of ingredients that should be standard practice.


The folks at and put together this great infographic on how to get a blog post shared 1000 times.


Blog Post Sharing

Evergreen Content Marketing


Evergreen content could just be one of the most important things when it comes to long lasting timeless content.


The folks at KOL Limited put together this great infographic on how to best construct a winning content strategy using evergreen content.


Evergreen Content

Twitter for Marketing


Are you still confused on how to execute a proper conversation on Twitter? Don’t worry you are not alone. The good news is that if you are trying — well you are trying which is half the battle. The truth is that Twitter is a very important area to have a voice especially if those following you are highly targeted.


This great Twitter infographic was brought to us buy the folks at Check it out, you might learn something very important.



SEO the Game

Do you ever have days when you just need a break from the constant negativity that seems to hover over the SEO community?  White hat, black hat, penguin, panda, good guys, bad guys – it all gets a bit old after awhile.

At least, that is what the search geeks at Subtle Network Design and Marketing thought.

They set out to provide a bit of comic relief to those of us who are frustrated by the friendly fire in the SEO community that isn’t very…friendly.  In the meantime, they sought to address the fact that on any given day, SEO success is a result of chance and circumstance – a roll of the dice.  And, these fellow search geeks thought it was high time we took the focus off black hats and placed it on the true villains – those who rob and steal in the name of SEO.

Without further ado…SEO the Game.


SEO the Game

Subtle Network Design & Marketing created this infographic.  Additional images and the largest version of the graphic can be seen here: SEO the Game.  

Viral News Yall

There are endless amounts of locations where news can go viral these days. Depending on what you are writing about and where it is landing will determine just how viral of a reach your news related item can receive.

This great infographic piece created by the folks over at NewsWhip shows just where things get the most viral attention from. Pretty interesting stuff if you are a heavy social media user that enjoys using content marketing to gain visibility.

Viral News

SEO Robot


Onsite SEO can be something that is very difficult for some individuals to fully comprehend. Onsite SEO factors can be the make or break to whether your website actually moves around in the right direction in the online space. Now there are many different guides online including the Official Google Webmaster SEO Guidelines that every serious website owner should take a look at but sometimes a more visual approach is required.


In this infographic from they describe the various elements that come into play when targeting onsite SEO elements for a website.


Things like:

  • Title tags
  • Navigation construction
  • Meta tag copy writing
  • Anchor text
  • Alt tags
  • Back-links

Onsite SEO Explaining by A Robot