A little while ago Google dropped a bombshell on the website community announcing that page load time would start to be considered when it comes how well a website along with all of its pages ranks in the search engines. KISSmetrics recently put together a great infographics piece on just how much your revenue stream can be impacted with a slow loading site. Believe it or not a slow loading website can cause significant abandonment on a website when it comes to how much visitors will tolerate. With more and more of society being conditioned to want quickness and speed if your homepage is anchored down with too much “junk” and it takes just a bit too long to render you could be shooting yourself in the foot. Page load time applies to all of your website pages not just your home page but if you are top heavy and most of your visitors are coming through the home page you might want to explore the loading issue, if you have one.

Page Load Time Chart

Have you ever stopped to wonder how colors affect the way people purchase things online? The wrong color can change the way people completely view your promotion or brand online which could make or break your business. Different colors can sometimes cause visitors to do different things. This chart below from KISSmetrics breaks down the details on how society depicts and dissects the way colors used in business.

Color Purchase Behavior