Important SEO Mistakes

Videos like this are always important because if there is any SEO advice you want to listen to it is the advice that comes directly from Google. In this SEO video Matt Cutts discusses some of the biggest SEO mistakes webmasters are making right now. Some of what he says is obvious and some is technical.


Duplicate content is one thing you don’t want to mess with. It is something that Google has been fighting for many years and with recent algorithm updates it has become more of a sensitive point.

In this video Matt Cutts discusses a variety of topics surrounding this issue.

Negative SEO

The SEO space can certainly get complicated for those who might be venturing into it for the first time. At face value business owners and webmasters might think that it is all about acquiring links and rankings but the truth is, SEO is much more than just that. For a while now Google has been creating videos through a Google Webmaster Channel on YouTube and they provide valuable information from their Head of Spam Team, Matt Cutts.

In this video Matt discusses what exactly negative SEO is. Google Webmasters has been going through many changes in 2012 and Matt discusses how people can protect themselves using some of the new features within Google Webmaster Tools.

Enjoy the video!

Negative SEO Video

Google's View on Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a very valuable component of not only SEO but social media as well. The beauty of this process is that it works both ways. The writer acquires some much needed relevant links and gets to build their resume and the blog acquires nice fresh new content. It is a win-win for both parties but you have to still be careful. You can still make mistakes and land yourself in the hot seat with Google.

In this Google video Matt Cutts discusses the ins and outs of guest blogging and how to take a quality approach.

In this video Maile Ohye discusses the importance of Google+ and the plus button and they all interact and correlate with each other.

Sorry Matt Cutts but we really like Maile so we are giving her the video spot today. We have featured Maile videos in the past and she is always a pleasure to watch (not that you are not Matt). In this video she discusses some really great topics regarding Google+ that have made their way into the halls of Google from various webmasters and website owners all over the world. Enjoy!

Google+ Video

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For those of you who are search engine marketing professionals and understand how good quality SEO works you might find this sort of funny. If you are new to the SEO scene it is important to know that Matt Cutts, who is head of Google spam, hosts an official Google webmaster channel where he discusses a variety of search marketing related topics.

This is not an official Google video below but a video that has been chopped up from pieces of the real Google branded videos and pieced together. Since Google really stresses about not worrying who is number in search you will find the irony in this video. This is a spoof video so please don’t try executing the activities in this video, it is just designed for a belly laugh. Enjoy!

The Google algorithm tends to be this enigma or mystery to many people trying to market their businesses online. For the most part most of the algorithm runs by itself but that does not mean some humans don’t stick their hands into the pot here and there to tighten the bolts.

In this Google video Matt Cutts describes the process of how human raters get into the system to clean things up just a bit more.

Google Search Quality Video

SEO & Content

You have to give it to Google, their Webmaster Channel hosted by Matt Cutts is a great tool for those looking to learn the world of SEO from the mouth of the beast. Every week Google discusses a variety of topics pertaining to the search engine marketing industry by answering questions the community sends in.

This week’s question pertains to SEO saviness in conjunction with the content on a website. How does content and SEO work together to achieve rankings. They also discuss how Google responds to older sites that might not be SEO’d to death.

Google SEO Video

Spelling plays an important role when it comes to the SEO of a website. Google claims it is not a direct factor they use but it does have some weight when determining the SEO power of a web page. Now with that said you should always try and use proper spelling and grammar but mistakes do happen — we are only human.

In this YouTube video Matt Cutts discussing just how spelling and grammar can affect your search engine optimization.

Underscores & Dashes SEO

Many website owners might not realize this but utilizing underscores or dashes in your URL structures can make a significant difference when it comes to how search engines read your and display your site. Now with that said don’t panic and realize that you have to go re-write all your URLs because you could do more damage than good.

If you were ever wondering which is better to use your prayers have been answered by Google. In this Matt Cutts YouTube Video he discusses when you should use dash marks and when you should use underscores when writing your URLs. Both have different uses but ultimately lead to the same goal if that makes any sense.

Check out the video and you will see.

Google YouTube Video