Optimize for Mobile Search


Starting backwards it seems that the best advice is to check and preview how your site appears on mobile search engines. You should do this at the beginning of your mobile marketing campaign, and again throughout. You should check to see if your website is even listed on mobile search engines. You should see how far away you are from the first page. Each search result also gives a short description of your page, usually by way of a snippet of your page. You should see how your “snippet” looks and figure out if it is appealing to the user.


Preview your site on multiple mobile devices


You need to keep checking the search engine results during your marketing campaign to be sure that your website is moving in the right direction. We must assume that changing your mobile websites optimization will change the way it looks or the way it is built. For this reason you should frequently check how your mobile website appears on various mobile devices. Your website will hopefully still look good on various sizes of screens, using various browsers, and with various hardware. But, the only way you can check up on this is to preview your site on multiple devices.


Use shorter keywords


The way people use their mobile devices should factor into your decision on keywords. Many people will use less keywords because of the way they type information into their mobile device. People on mobile devices are not sat at a desk with a keyboard in front of them, so are less likely to use multiple keywords separated by commas.

Many people still use their thumbs to type into their mobile device. Some people use the touch screen on tablets to type, which they often do with three fingers on their right hand (the longest three). Even people with a QWERTY keyboard function will find it uncomfortable to write long words and complex key phrases.


Incomplete keywords


People use incomplete keywords for the same reasons they use shorter keywords, because it is easier. Additionally, if a user has been searching for ten minutes then he or she will start to take shortcuts because typing is uncomfortable. Google has also spoiled a lot of people with its autosuggestion feature. People are so used to typing a few letters and letting Google guess what they want, that some people simply type in a few letters of a word and assume a search engine will know what they mean and search for that instead.


People prefer acronyms


Some are really difficult to search for on their own because they are used by so many people. For example, acronyms such as “AA” or “AAA” will need at least on other keyword with it; otherwise, the user is faced with thousands of unneeded results. On the other hand there are some full-name acronyms that people do not even type in when they are on a desktop computer. For example, very few people ever search for “Search Engine Optimization,” most will simply put “SEO”.


Give local searches more priority


People who search using a mobile device are much more likely to run local searches; therefore, you should try to locally target your mobile website. This is especially true if have your own store or restaurant as people will want to know where you are.


Focus on current events


People with mobile devices are more likely to search out news and sport scores. People with mobile devices are more interested in new developments and current affairs updates. You should focus more on things that have time limits, such as sports scores and news articles. Focusing on current events will buy your mobile website more traffic.


They do not like scrolling down


People on desktop computers will often not venture very far past the first few pages of a search engines results pages. People with mobile devices have a similar sin, in that they do not like to scroll down. The most popular choices on mobile search engines are the top ones because they do not require any scrolling downwards. Concentrate your pages to make sure that the important information is at the top and that the user does not have to scroll up or down too much.


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