Multilingual Website Content



Designing Your Website

Today, the rapid expansion of the Internet has placed pressure upon many website designers to create sites capable of appealing to large audiences. Around the world, a growing number of people have become regular online visitors. Most individuals prefer to read engrossing material in a language they understand well. To generate captivating multilingual website content, consider using these guidelines:


Consider Investing in Multiple Sites

One strategy for reaching a wider Internet audience involves developing multiple sites. For instance, you might consider having your site content professionally translated into other languages to display on additional websites. This approach enables you to market each site employing an optimized site layout.


Why should businesses give serious consideration to establishing multiple sites, as opposed to simply copying the contents of a single site into different languages? Since written languages often use scripts that proceed in different directions, choosing a unique site format allows you to tailor the contents to specific display formatting requirements. For example, English readers scan the screen from left to right. Arabic or Hebrew readers would read paragraphs in the opposite direction. Many Japanese readers proceed from the top to the bottom of the screen.


Provide Video Translations

Many studies have established that modern online visitor’s value embedded photographs and videos on websites. By hiring translation-equipped professional closed captioning companies to provide detailed written accounts of videos, you ensure that everyone can enjoy this type of visual content.


The spread of mobile technology has placed a premium upon clear visual displays. The popularity of some highly successful platforms, such as Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube and Vimeo, rest largely on the ability to present fascinating visual displays effectively. You’ll increase visitor interest in your website when you offer photos and embedded videos!


Consider Cultural And Local Issues

When you present multilingual material on your websites, you’ll want to pay close attention to cultural issues. The Internet appeals to a very diverse global audience. However, sites which promote local interests still enjoy considerable popularity.

For example, even among native English speakers, you’ll likely notice language and spelling differences. Australians and Americans often use different expressions to discuss the same types of events, for example. These nuances of speech apply to other languages, too. The Mandarin script used in Taiwan differs substantially from Mandarin in Malaysia or mainland China. When you present multilingual material, you may increase your search engine optimization value by paying close attention to important nuances of expression, even within the same languages.


Provide Language-Specific Help Desk Services

Anyone visiting online sites frequently appreciates the frustration associated with an inability to obtain useful help desk services. If you present multilingual content on your website, it makes sense to consider furnishing customer service assistance to your site visitors in multiple languages, too.


Today, many companies offer these services to website owners in a variety of local dialects. Even if you don’t speak all the languages used by your site visitors, you can still make these types of liaison services available. Your firm will generate additional goodwill as a result of taking this step!


Mobile Technology Issues

Finally, as you prepare multilingual content, it remains important to consider mobile display issues. Smart phones, tablets and laptops typically utilize smaller screens than desktop computers, and this fact influences the appearance of online content.

In some places, website visitors depend extensively upon less expensive mobile technology as a primary means of accessing the Internet. If you present material in different languages, you’ll want to ensure that every screen loads well in the most popular types of handheld devices.


Generating Interest

Captivating websites increases potential site traffic. More people will visit your URLs as you add new languages. By including multilingual content, you’ll attract more page views and ultimately increase the value of your site!