Outreach Campaign


As the quality and quantity of the content of your website continues to become increasingly more important and significant, so does the need for a successful and effective outreach campaign. But in order to run a successful outreach campaign there are things that you need to think about.


Things to Consider


Before you start considering how to run a new outreach campaign, you first need to consider any pre-existing campaigns and how effective they have been, ask yourself:

  • How has the campaign been run so far?
  • What audiences have been targeted?
  • What has been effective?
  • What has not been effective?
  • Have any partnerships been made to ensure this campaign works more efficiently?

With this in mind you will now be able to consider any challenges you may be faced with when running an outreach campaign, and how these challenges relate to broader goals of the business…from this you can identify the gals of your new outreach campaign. The main aim of this campaign should be to influence the audience and promote a change in behavior or habits.


Short Term & Long Term Goals


Once you have the aims of your campaign firmly in your mind you need to start thinking about both the short term and long term objectives, for example, a short term goal might be to educate the audience about your business and what it does, whereas a long term goal might be to change the behavior and habit of your audience so that they use the products/services of your business instead, or raise overall awareness of your business with a global audience.


Don’t Forget to Research


Before you can start to run your campaign you need to do some thorough research in order to develop the communications program of the outreach campaign. This stage is also considered the planning or pre-testing stages, and it is in this stage that we identify the target audience, decide what messages and ideas we want to communicate, and the best functions and tools to use in order to communicate effectively and efficiently with this audience. While the campaign is on-going research will prove essential in the monitoring of the campaign and its success, providing us with information to amend the campaign should you need to.


Who is your Audience?


When you are trying to run an effective campaign you need to think about your target audience, different audiences need to be approached in different ways, they have different needs and wants and therefore this will impact upon the way that you sell your company to them, think about the behavior of you audience and the ways that you could use this to the advantage of your business.

Another thing you could consider when running an efficient campaign is partners. Partners are essential as they allow you to produce a more effective campaign, to a wider audience, and at a much cheaper cost. Each partner you bring into the campaign will being experience, money and a valuable contribution.

Outreach programs are an essential way of communicating effectively with your audience, making more people aware of your business and the services/products you offer, without an effective outreach program in place you may not be hitting the target audience as well or as much as you’d like, and your overall business performance could be severely be affected.


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