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Digital marketing is the cornerstone of success for every type and scale of businesses today. It’s nearly impossible to establish a prominent online presence without it, primarily since it encompasses social media, email marketing, video marketing, reputation management, and more.


Search engine marketing (SEO) is another subset that falls under the umbrella, which is responsible for putting your brand on the digital map by ranking you high on SERPs. Seeing as it plays a pivotal role in your marketing funnel, hiring the right people is crucial if you want to encourage the growth of your business.


This begs the million-dollar question: should you dedicate an in-house marketing team to handle your digital marketing needs, or leave it to the hands of outsourced experts?


Exploring the Advantages of Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing:


Benefit #1: Outsourcing Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective


As mentioned above, digital marketing encompasses various skills such as SEO, SEA, SMM, and more to tap into your target audience in multiple ways and solutions. An in-house specialist allows you to control every aspect of your strategy, but it can cost you significant time and money as it takes years of training to keep up with the demanding industry.


On the other hand, outsourcing marketing professionals offer a bang-for-the-buck digital solution as they already have reliable experience across various industries. Beyond their unparalleled technical expertise, you can hire them on a per hour or per project basis, allowing you to pay for only what you need and receive quality results.


Not only does this cut back your costs, but it also gives your company the flexibility to upscale or downscale according to your current needs.


Benefit #2:  Outsourcing Digital Marketing Gives You Access to the Latest Technologies in the Industry


Beyond having the experience and expertise, one of the best advantages of outsourcing your digital marketing team is that they have direct access to the latest tools of the trade. This can catapult your business ahead of the competition as you can conduct accurate research, analysis, and faster implementation over less repetitive work.


Benefit #3: Outsourcing Digital Marketing Offers 24/7 Maintenance and Ongoing Optimizations


Hiring an in-house team can introduce restrictions, especially during the holidays or sick leaves. With an outsourced team, you can have 24/7 technical support as excellent digital marketing agencies can go the distance for you, their client.


With the sole mission to help you succeed, you can rely on them to maintain your website and continuously keep up with the ever-changing algorithm of Google to ensure your campaigns and SEO tactics remain up-to-date.


The Bottom Line: Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing is a Cost-Effective Solution that Can Boost Your Business in More Ways Than One

Digital marketing is a crucial part of your business as it is responsible for expanding your brand awareness, attracting your target market, and converting visitors into sales. While an in-house team allows you to keep a closer eye on your marketing funnel, outsourcing experts can give you unparalleled insights and a new perspective on how you can attack your marketing to boost your business.


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Outsource Digital Marketing


If your company has a marketing program that has two (or less) people, your campaigns are not nearly as viable as they should be. As a result, your company isn’t thriving the way it should be. To boost prosperity, it’s time to outsource to a turnkey marketing program.


What is a Turnkey Marketing Program?

A turnkey marketing program is an all-encompassing marketing strategy ran by an outside company. These companies can be hired to manage all or some of your marketing efforts. Some companies offer packages of varying sizes, while others allow companies to pick which marketing efforts are outsourced.


A few examples of what a turnkey marketing program may be able to complete for you include:


  • SEO-friendly content creation in the form of blogs, Ezines, press releases, articles, or website content
  • Professional website creation emphasizing user experience, visual appeal, ease of navigation, and industry-relevant graphic design
  • Keyword and trend research
  • Mobile optimization
  • Reputation building and management
  • Social media marketing
  • Company branding
  • Mobile application development
  • Tracking, measuring, and analyzing key marketing metrics
  • And much more.


Key Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing

You know what a turnkey program could do for you, but what benefits does outsourcing these tasks have for your company?


Professional Marketing Team At your Fingertips


When you outsource your marketing efforts to a turnkey program you are getting an entire team of professional marketers at your fingertips. They have the skills and experience necessary to complete all tasks you hand over to them.


These outsource companies have an expert on staff for every aspect of marketing they cover. They will have a professional social media expert, content writer, editor, SEO specialist, and more. This ensures everything coming from their company will be of the highest quality, and all for a surprisingly affordable rate.


Lower Long-term Overhead


A common (and wrong) assumption is that outsourcing to a marketing company will end up costing more. The exact opposite is true, in fact. Outsourcing ends up costing significantly less than hiring just one employee.


Consider this scenario for a moment: You hire an outsource company to complete several marketing tasks for a rate of about $600 a month. Those tasks would require a minimum of one full-time employee. According to Pay Scale, the average digital marketer receives $19 an hour. At fulltime, this is $760 a WEEK. You have already paid more than it cost to outsource.


This is, of course, just an estimate. Your outsourcing could cost anywhere between $100 and $2,000 a month, depending on what services you require. You could also find a marketer fresh out of college willing to work for $10 an hour. But even then, you will be paying more each month to for less.


Unburden Your Small Marketing Team


It makes sense for a lot of companies to get one or two fulltime marketers on the payroll for a range of reasons. No matter how productive they are, however, a bare bones team is not going to accomplish all pertinent tasks. That doesn’t mean they won’t try, however.


Trying to accomplish a significantly larger workload than you have abled bodies is stressful. Your marketing team will become overworked and overwhelmed. On an individual level this results in a stressed-out worker who eventually dreads coming to work. On a team-wide level it results in lower productivity levels, which translates to fewer sales.


Meet Goals Faster


With an entire team at your fingertips you can meet your goals faster. Ramp up your results so your business can grow and thrive the way it was destined to. Increase impressions by 25% this quarter instead of by the end of the year. Grow your email list by 15% in half the time. Growth is vital to small business success, and outsourcing is the way to accomplish it as quickly as possible.


Lower Overall Risk on Investment


When you outsource your marketing, the contract is typically short term. It could be week to week, month to month, six months, or a year. When hiring a new employee, however, the investment is much longer when you consider that employee will expect to remain at your company for the foreseeable future.


Who Should Outsource?

While all companies could benefit from strategically outsourcing at least a portion of their total content marketing, it is the small businesses which most benefit from a turnkey program.


If your marketing team is minuscule and unable to complete their workload in a timely, efficient manner, take the weight off their shoulders and outsource. If you still aren’t sure whether this applies to you, HubSpot has a valuable infographic on when companies should outsource versus when it makes since to hire a new in-house marketer.


How to Choose A Turnkey Program

If you’ve realized the potential of a turnkey marketing program for your small business, you might wonder how to choose the right one for your company. The following are some things you should look for in a turnkey program:


  • A great reputation. In addition to personal or professional references and recommendations, checking online reviews is an effective way to assess this.
  • Professional team members who are experts in their field or niche. This could be either experience, certifications, education, or any combination of the above.
  • Prompt responses to inquiries, issues, and other communication efforts
  • A full-service company who can handle all your marketing needs
  • Upon inquiry your wants, needs, and vision should be listened to attentively
  • Company professionals should offer valuable insight and suggestions based on your brand
  • The vision of the turnkey marketing program should closely align with your company’s own vision, because every marketing team and strategy is different
  • Proven results, which are obvious in a solid company portfolio.
  • A powerful desire to help your company achieve your goals


By using the above guidelines on choosing your turnkey program you can ensure they are not only professional and will deliver fast, high-quality results but that they are a good fit for your unique vision.