Plastic Surgeon Website Design


Over the past few years, the amount of patients who have searched for information pertaining to plastic surgery practices and procedures online has increased tremendously. Therefore, it has become crucial for plastic surgeons to ensure that they are doing everything possible to capitalize on this – mainly by means of a website that is well-designed, attractive and as user friendly as possible. Proper plastic surgeon marketing starts with your website, it’s the foundation to your web marketing success.

Branding – Yes, it’s Important


When the term ‘branding’ comes to mind, it is usually just associated with designing an attractive company logo. Nowadays though, it has become more crucial than ever to ensure that a plastics practice forms part of its overall branding package as well. Not only will this make a plastic surgeon’s website stand out from those of competitors, it will also make it instantly recognizable. In addition, a well-designed website can also play a part in showing a tremendous amount of industry-related credibility, which will result in as many potential patients as possible being compelled to use it.


Not Just Any Website Will Do


The fierce level of competition that is experienced online these days has meant that it is no longer good enough to slap together a website and hope that it will bring in business. A website must not only be aesthetically pleasing overall; it must also serve the needs of its visitors in that they should not have to still head elsewhere online to find the information they need. Another aspect to consider is that Google has an extremely strict policy with regards to providing site visitors with top quality web content that is 100% niche or industry-relevant.


Regular Updates are Needed


Along with a positive online presence, it is essential for a plastic surgeon to ensure that his or her website is updated regularly. While blog posts provide a great opportunity for a surgeon to provide new industry-related information to site visitors, short video clips have proven to be extremely effective in this regard as well. These can be used to explain how various plastic surgery procedures work and/or how a person can benefit from having a particular procedure performed. In cases where patients have given consent, their testimonials can be incorporated into some of these videos as well.


Build Industry-Related Trust


Patients who are searching for information pertaining to plastic surgery procedures that they would like to have performed will not spend much time on a website that contains outdated information. When a plastic surgeon’s website is updated regularly with quality content, it shows visitors that he or she is a figure of authority in the industry. This helps build a tremendous amount of trust between them and their site visitors – many of which go on to become patients at some point in the future.


Responsive Design


Of late, there has been a tremendous amount of hype regarding responsive website design. While it was not overly important for a website to cater for visitors who were accessing the internet from mobile devices a few years ago, this has since changed tremendously. This is owing to the fact that more than 60% of online searches are now being performed with these devices instead of regular desktop or laptop computers. As a result, it is crucial for a plastic surgeon to ensure that his or her website’s design has been developed in such a way that it is fully functional and able to be viewed comfortably across all mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile, iOS and Android.


In most cases, plastic surgeons are extremely busy professionals who are not able to spend time designing or updating their website. If you are in this industry and your website requires a re-design or regular content updates, feel free to get in touch with us today via our site or email to find out more about the solutions that we can offer you in this regard.