plastic surgeon website design

Wondering if your plastic surgery website has everything it needs to be great – both for your clients and your SEO ranking? You want to ensure it has the following things to be most effective and user-friendly. Many practices don’t realize just how vital it is to get your plastic surgeon marketing right.


1: Clean, Clutter-Free Interface

A major but incredibly common mistake made with websites is that they tend to be cluttered because many assume that “more is better.” This isn’t true. Instead, you want to utilize plenty of whitespace (“empty space”) in your website’s overall design.


2: Great Content

Content has always been – and forever will be – king. Great content will help to bring warm leads to your website, which have a good potential of becoming patients.


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3: Detailed Service Page

While unnecessary to list your pricing online, it does help. Even more important, however, is a detailed service page that tells customers what each procedure actually is. This is so important because many have a misunderstanding of what the varying plastic surgery procedures actually are, as well as what they entail.


4: Keyword-Rich (The Right Way)

You want to utilize keywords throughout your website, but you want to make sure you do it the right way. Too few keywords won’t have you showing up high enough in search engines, while too many keywords can get you flagged. Also, note that the use of keywords should never take away from your content’s readability.


5: High Quality, Relevant Graphics

Graphics can easily make or break your website. You want to use enough to draw the eye down the page, but not so much that the website will load slowly. Always ensure that graphics are of the highest possible quality and are relevant to the material being presented.


6: Intuitive Design

Users should be able to intuitively use your website. To put it in the simplest terms, this means they should not require any training or any significant guesswork to figure out where everything is. Navigation should be clearly labeled, and all URLs should be as simple as possible. For example, your contact page should be: and not


7: Easy-To-Find Contact Information

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of your website is how easy it is to contact your company. Contact information should be clearly listed, and having a contact form built into the website is always a great idea since it is easily accessible.


Give your customers plenty of options on how to connect with you. Have your social media information prominently displayed in your website header or sidebar. On the contact page have your physical website, a contact form or email address, and phone number listed.


If your website has the above-listed things, then you can rest assure it is the best it can be. If it doesn’t, there is no time like the present to improve upon so that it does. Not sure where to start? A professional marketing and design company can help your website to look and be it’s very best.


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