We all remember Barack Obama and his online marketing approach during his first election a few years back; it changed the way politicians communicate with the community online and offline. Obama literally changed the landscape and wrote the book on how politicians present themselves in the digital space.


The internet has changed everything we know about life itself and to get in front of the younger audiences that are ready to vote right now Obama realized the only way to do this was to hit the political web marketing space very hard. Right out of the gates currently he is already pushing things on YouTube and the digital social space is already filled with chatter which is great! Anyone planning on going up against him at this point already has some serious catching up to do just a few days in. Obama even has an online store that sells quite a bit of tees, pins and other goodies just pouring more fuel on the Obama marketing fire.



I mean look at the screenshot of his home page below, tell me that doesn’t scream hip and social? Even the colors used are perfect for a younger audience while not pushing out the older community. The colors of a website play a tremendous role in how people perceive your brand online.


Barack Obama Website Homepage


Just a few days ago Barack Obama kicked off the new election season by announcing to the world that he is officially a candidate for the running. Right now he is filing paperwork to officially be a candidate for the 2012 presidential election season. How will his competitors stack up to his stellar online marketing approach? Will they even come close to competing against Obama and his team of web marketing experts?


Have you ever seen a president spawn this type of viral marketing before? You might look at this and think it is silly and completely inappropriate for a presidential election but the reality is that this type of stuff got Obama’s name into even more online headlines than any other president. Each headline was just another piece of marketing material that helped him secure his presidency. Could this have happened without social media, video marketing and YouTube? How about just the internet has a whole? Some of the Obama Girl videos have been viewed almost 23 million times on YouTube. What other president do you know which has even come close to those types of numbers?


Obama Girl